What project is waiting to be done?

Winter’s end and spring’s onset brings to mind unfinished business, like the decluttering and organizing projects in the basement and garage, the bicycle inner tubes not yet patched, the books half read, the words left unsaid. It is easy to accumulate a lot of unfinished business in our sometimes too busy lives.

The nature of my profession—working with the aged and, to a lesser degree, disabled—sometimes leads me to reflect upon how long I’ll have to take care of that unfinished business. We may be robust and healthy one day and then, because of an accident or sudden onset of a health problem, be severely limited in what we can do the next. Or, we may experience a slow and gradual decline, thinking that there will always be another day to finish what needs to be done.

For me, prioritizing unfinished business comes down to simple questions like, what is truly important in life? What have I been putting off for too long? What will simplify my life or make it more meaningful and worthwhile? Each of us answers these questions differently. The key is that right now is the best time to begin chipping away at our personal Everests, while we still have the sound mind and body to do so.