Living with dogs does have its disadvantages.

Okay so I've been complaining that since I bought a four-wheel drive with decent tires we haven't had enough snow to stop a Yugo on racing slicks. I think by the time I get home tonight I'll have had enough.

The dogs are loving the snow, of course. They're a bit like a pair of kids though.

"I wanna go out and play in the snow." A few minutes later they're staring in the front window holding up a frozen paw and wanting back in the house.

Saturday, my feet turned into a frozen "paw" when I went over to help out a snowed-in friend. I spent some time busting drifts in his drive then running him into Great Bend for some shopping.

On the last trip through his treacherous snowed in driveway I missed the edge of the drive and with all four wheels spinning in the snow, ended up sliding a good five truck lengths down a slight incline toward a line of cedar trees and a dried up pond.

A couple hours later, and several shovel loads of snow had the Toyota back on solid ground and me ready for an evening in front of a fire.

Sunday the dogs got out to enjoy the slight warming trend and I made preparations for the storm forecasters were predicting for Monday by plowing my 1/8th mile long driveway and throwing a little more weight in the back of the truck.

Monday, my preparations were not wasted. The path I had plowed on Sunday, and all the dog trails Lightning and Hudson had made around the farm were just slight depressions in the blanket of newly fallen snow.

Very pretty, until I saw the huge drift filling the last half of the driveway beyond the windbreak.

As I started into the drift the Toyota began pushing snow and slowing down. I couldn't see past the snow blowing across the windshield so to avoid a repeat of Saturday I backed out, went to the shed for the John Deere.

A few minutes, and a few passes later the drive resembled an abandoned bobsled run, but there was enough of a clear path to get the Toyota through and on to work.

The dogs didn't want to stay in the house when I left. I expect they are both regretting that decision about now.

I drove the John Deere back to the farm and put it in the shed. I expect when I get home tonight and see how the drive has drifted shut, I'll be regretting that decision.

I've been on the phone most of the day trying to tell Lightning how to start he tractor and plow the drive, but all I hear on the other end is laughter. And complaints about a frozen paw.

Note- No I didn't make it down the drive, Monday, and yes the dogs laughed as I came walking in to get the tractor.

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