Apply now if you qualify for help with paying your heating bills.

The Kansas Department for Children and Families (DCF) [formerly SRS] is taking applications for its Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP).

                    DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 29

This program helps low income households pay winter heating bills. This includes the costs for gas, electricity, propane, and/or firewood for your home (whether you own the house or rent from a landlord). If money becomes available, a supplemental benefit is paid in the summer to assist with cooling bills (but only for those who applied by March 29 for heating assistance).


Low income households that include: • someone who has disabilities   • someone who is elderly   • families with children (under age 18)

In addition;  You must be living at the address.  You must be responsible for the heating costs whether paid to your landlord, a utility company, or a fuel vendor. (e.g., your name or your landlord’s name is on the bill),  You have make recent payments for the purchase of your heating or cooling costs (see below for details).  The combined gross income of all persons living at the address may not exceed 130% of the federal poverty level. [Gross income is the amount before taxes and other deductions.]  At least one person in the home is a US Citizen or "qualified alien".


The amount of this benefits depends on: household income, the number of people living in the house, the type of dwelling, and the type of heating fuel and utility rates.

Household size Maximum monthly income to qualify for LIEAP*

1 person $1210      2 persons $1639      3 persons $2069     4 persons $2497   5 persons $2926

     For more than 5 persons, add $429 for each additional person.

     *Total income of all persons living at your address.

You also must show that you having been making payments on the purchase of heating fuels for two of the last three months. • Payments must total at least $80 or the total balance due, whichever was less. • You can combine payments on different fuels for your home (e.g., gas, electricity, propane, firewood).

HOW TO APPLY (You must apply between January 22 and March 29, 2013.)

People who qualified for assistance last year have already received their applications. Others can:

• Call DCF toll free at: 1-800-432-0043

• Ask for an application form at your local DCF office: o Butler County DCF office: 410 N. Haverhill, El Dorado, KS; 316-321-4200

• Apply online on DCF’s Online Application for Energy Assistance.


For more information, read online: LIEAP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

If you have questions or need assistance, call 1-800-432-0043.