When I travel I spend a lot of time praying and listening to Christian radio.

When I travel I spend a lot of time praying and listening to Christian radio.  Last week I heard a couple Christian radio shows.  The first one was interviewing a man who was a Vietnam veteran, had been a hot spot fire fighter and had become a pastor of a large growing church in California.  He became very ill and his skin was deteriorating on the inside and his organs were being affected.  He shared how he was in the hospital near death but people all around the world were praying for him.  He eventually recovered and was able to return to the pulpit.  Even today he deals with a lot of sickness along with the pain associated with his illness.

The second broadcast interviewed a pastor who three years ago this Thanksgiving started having seizures.  When they found the problem he had a mass in his brain.  They operated but said he would not survive a year.  Three years later he is doing well and they can find no signs of the tumor in his brain. He also had many people praying for him and looking to God for answers.

Later that afternoon I heard these words on the radio:  “Do not tell God how big your problem is, tell your problem how big your God is”.  When I heard those words I thought wow.  Whenever we come up against something we go to God and say “Please help me I have a troubled child.”  “Please help me I just lost a loved one.” “Please help me I have a heart condition.” “Please help me I have cancer.”  Please help me I lost my job.”  “Please help me I can’t pay the rent.”  This list could continue for pages because we all have many things we take to God and tell Him how big the problem is.  I am sure the men mentioned above did the very same thing when they were ill.

Next time grief comes your way say “my God is bigger than this grief”.  How about when you hear the bad diagnosis saying “my God is bigger than this diagnosis”.   This list could be as long as the one above because the God I serve is bigger than anything Satan can bring our way.  When we deal with trials and struggles in life they do cause us to be weary and burdened, but if you give the problem to God He will give you rest.  So today rest in the Lord and remember God is bigger than any problem.

In the last article, I wrote, I talked about our adopted son and daughter.  Since then I have had inquiries about how that turned out.  Occasionally we would hear from our daughter but we haven’t in the last six years or so.  She last told us she was moving and never sent an address.  We sent cards to the old address until they started coming back.  Our son was in and out of trouble over the years but would contact us periodically.  The last three years we have had continual contact with him.  This has changed his life.  He has a fiancée and they have a two year old daughter. This past spring we traveled to California and saw our son for the first time in 14 years. We also met his fiancé and our granddaughter. God was bigger than what we were dealing with and God continues to work in the situation to transform lives.  Just how big is your God?  Is He big enough to overcome any obstacle Satan brings across your path?