With Kiowa County’s courthouse unusable, prosecutorial affairs are being handled in the former drug store in Mullinville, where seven of the men were charged with having looted, while two others were accused of having criminally trespassed by entering the town after being warned to turn back.

In addition to charges of burglary and theft, Carlisle, 22, and Sheley, 19, are accused of having impersonated Red Cross personnel.

Ironically, Sheley, who told 16th Judicial District Judge Daniel Love that he works as the assistant manager of the Dillons supermarket in Pratt, is accused of having been joined by Carlisle in trying to loot the wrecked Greensburg Dillons store on Sunday, May 6. Carlisle said he’s employed in construction work.

The two were preceded in trying to steal from the same store by five men on Saturday, May 5, four of whom are stationed at Ft. Riley.

James A. Sweene, 23, of Cascade, Md.; Spencer T. Basoco, 19, of Kingman; Joel A. Dominguez, 20, of Houston, Tx; and Jacob B. Kilgore, 19, of Bambridge, GA are all privates in the U.S. Army, and had attorneys appointed for them.

The fifth defendant of the May 5 charge is 59-year-old McPherson reserve police officer Joseph G. Novak, the only defendant of the day retaining private counsel.

The specific charges against the five are burglary, a level seven nonperson felony, and theft of personal property, a Class A nonperson misdemeanor. Bond was set at $75,000 for all five, as it was for Carlisle and Sheley. They are currently being housed in the Pratt County Jail in lieu of the May 4 tornado having rendered Kiowa County’s jail unusable.

The third case involved 18-year-old Alejandro Vergara and 17-year-old Adan Gonzalez of obstructing the legal process or official duty, and criminal trespass. The pair apparently entered Greensburg Monday, May 7, after being told by authorities they were not allowed in. Bond was set by Love at $10,000. A translator had to intercede since neither defendant speaks English.

Kiowa County Attorney Candace Lattin asked Judge Love for the highest bond possible in each case in view of the defendants having committed their acts at a time when Greensburg was particularly vulnerable and its citizens reeling from a natural disaster.

For his part, Love likewise lectured all nine on the amorality of seeking to steal or trespass in a town flat on its back.

Carlisle and Sheley both asked to be released on their own recognizance, Carlisle saying he was not a flight risk and that he wanted to be able to return to his job at Pratt Dillons, as well as spend time with his one-month-old daughter before his trial. Sheley sought to avoid posting bond by saying he was the godfather of Carlisle’s child, thus deserving the opportunity to likewise spend time with the infant.

Sheley admitted he and Carlisle have known one another since third grade, when they attended school together in Norton.

Carlisle has been convicted in the past of criminal trespass and battery.

The preliminary hearing for the two cases of looting was set for May 17, 1:30 p.m. The arraignment for Gonzalez and Vergara is marked for May 24.

Lattin indicated the Provost Marshall from Ft. Riley is intending to pick up Sweene, Basoco, Dominguez and Kilgore soon, and that they may, in fact, be prosecuted in federal court.