"We have established the Greensburg Future Fund for the purpose of helping Greensburg rebuild their community," said Jack Galle, chairman of the SCCF Board of Directors.

"We have received numerous inquiries from individuals and organizations about providing donations for Greensburg.

"We recognize that many organizations are providing disaster relief for Greensburg," Galle added. "However, this fund is different because it is designed to help the community rebuild. This will be a long and painful process. Kansans want to help their neighbors, and we believe this fund will provide a vehicle for all of us to stand by our friends at Greensburg as they rebuild their town, their schools, their livelihoods and their way of life."

SCCF is a community foundation whose seven-county area includes Kiowa County. SCCF Executive Director Denise Unruh said the Greensburg Future Fund is a "pass through" fund, and 100 percent of the donated dollars would go to Greensburg projects.

Checks should be made payable to "South Central Community Foundation" with a memo to "Greensburg Future Fund." Donors can earmark the contributions for "education," "health care" or "community rebuilding." The mailing address is South Central Community Foundation, P.O. Box 8624, Pratt, KS, 67124. Donations are eligible for charitable income tax deductions, Unruh said.


For more information, contact Unruh at SCCF, 620-672-7929.

Disaster relief dollars should be sent directly to the American Red Cross, Salvation Army and similar programs, Unruh said. The Greensburg Future Fund is designed for community rebuilding.

"The SCCF board recognizes there are also many rural families along the path of the tornado's destruction who will need assistance," Unruh added. "Our foundation includes other counties affected by the weekend storms, including Stafford County and northwest Pratt County. We are still looking for ideas about how best to help our rural neighbors."


"Another option within SCCF is to make contributions to the endowed funds for Kiowa County, Stafford County and Pratt County, where the principal is invested and the earnings are granted each year," Unruh said. Donations to these funds are matched by the Kansas Health Foundation at the rate of one dollar for every two dollars donated, Unruh said.