USD 422 is anxious for the Kansas Supreme Court decision on school funding that is due before the weeks end.

Schools across Kansas are anxiously awaiting the Kansas Supreme Court decision on the education funding bill that should be known before the end of the week.

Staci Derstein, USD 422 Superintendent, said she was crossing her fingers that the court would approve the bill so she could get busy with the budget before the faculty, staff and student get in the building.

There is much to do before school starts and its a busy time in the Board of Education office.

"We're patiently working on other things," Derstein said.

Usually, there are regular communications from Topeka but recently there hasn't been much coming through to indicate the Supreme Court decision. So the BOE office keeps busy getting ready for the school year and anticipating a positive outcome on education funding.

The USD 422 Board of Education continues to prepare of the school year. At their July 24 meeting, the future of the wind turbine remained up in the air.

Earlier this year, a similar wind turbine at the hospital collapsed for no apparent reason. It occurred during clear weather so that was not the cause.

Because the tower collapsed, the maintenance company that works on the district wind generator ordered the turbine shut down for safety. The tower has been inspected and it appears to be in good condition, Derstein said.

The company the manufactures the towers, Endurance out of Canada, has gone out of business. The district has paid for a couple of costly repairs in the last couple of years. Repairs have to be done on the repair company time schedule and they come from a long distance.

So the Board and the administration are considering their best course of action. Derstein said they were still looking at options and exploring what they should do. The Board took no action on the matter at their July 24 meeting.

At a previous meeting, the Board did approve the cost of meals for the upcoming year.

• Breakfast: K-5 $1.70; 6-12 $1.90; Adult $2.45.

• Lunch: K-5 $2.70; 6-8 $2.85; 9-12 $2.95; Staff $3.85; Other adults $5.

• Classroom milk option $45 per year.

• Other Fees: Band instrument rental $35; Laptop Computer user fee $ 50; K-12 textbook/materials fee $50; 6-12 Towel fee $15; 9-12 shop/art fee $30; 5-12 band/vocal fee $20.

• Students that qualify for free meals are eligible for free textbooks/materials and a 50 percent discount on K-12 textbooks/materials fee, towel fee, shop/art fee and band/vocal fee if paid on enrollment date.

• Board appointments: President-Ki Gamble; Vice-president-Paul Kendall; Clerk-Cassie Kirby; Treasurer-Dana Trummel.