New Kiowa County Undersheriff Scott McCann spent a good deal of his professional life, training horses, but an interest in taking drugs off the highways and out of communities brought McCann into law enforcement in around 2003.

“I like doing drug work,” McCann said. “I’ve used my dog a bunch and got drugs and seized vehicles.”

McCann, 49, is taking over the position with the Kiowa County Sheriff’s Dept., formerly held by Richard McVey, who stepped down after being elected district magistrate judge in Kiowa County.

McCann said it is a “learning curve’” taking in the administrative duties that come with his new job, but he likes it and likes the people he has met.

“It’s got a very good structure as opposed to some of the other places I’ve been and every one works well together,” he said. “I like it, I met people we work with at the courthouse.”

McCann began his career in the jail division of the Phillips County Sheriff’s office in Rolla, Missouri. He was working with the sheriff’s office in Harper County where he is originally from prior to hiring on with Kiowa County.

McCann likes doing drug interdiction – destroying the supply line of drugs – and working with the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) in getting drugs off the highway.

“We work with surrounding counties, trying to make it more difficult for dealers and users.”

He noted the money and assets drug interdiction brings law enforcement agencies.

“It’s money the tax payer doesn’t have to come up with,” he said. “The drug money is put to good use.”

Drug interdiction also “slows drug traffic down in the community, keeps dealers away from your kdis, keeps drugs away from schools. It’s just a safety issue.”

Kiowa County Sheriff Chris Tedder said, “I’ve known Scott for a long time and my decision to ask Scott to take this job was his demeanor. I think he’s a good asset to our community.”