The Maverick boys basketball team were defeated 64-45 in last Friday's away game against Hodgeman County.

"Well we had one turnover and they had 18," Coach Zach White said. "They had seven offensive rebounds and we had nine offensive rebounds. So it didn't have much to do with turnovers or rebounds.The difference was the ball went in the basket for them and not for us."

Hodgeman shot 79 percent from the free throw line (19-24) and they shot 56% from the 3 point line (9-16).

"Even KU doesn't shoot that well from the 3 point line," White said. "They shot the ball unbelievably well."

White didn't think the Mavericks were too bad on defense.

"There were a few times when we were out of position but for the most part we played fine on defense," White said. "They were just unconscious shooting the ball.

The boys' team now has a 13-5 record.

The Lady Mavericks won 40-35 against Hodgeman County.

"The girls had a tough, physical game on Friday and were able to overcome turnover issues and a bad shooting night to get the win, Coach Thomas Derstein said. "We didn't start the game shooting well and we were also 3 for 11 at the free throw line in the first half. We finally got rolling in the third quarter with some big baskets inside from Alex McVey and those helped us take back the lead."

In the 4th quarter, the team just focused on controlling the basketball.

"The girls did a great job running through our stall offense and did a better job hitting free throws to close the game (we went 6 for 10 in the 2nd half).," Derstein said. "It wasn't our best game but the fact we were able to fight back for a win was huge."

The Lady Mavericks have a 16-2 record.

The teams have a home game this Friday, Feb. 17 against South Gray