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Breaking News - Super7 Teases SDCC Exclusive Alien Releases and More
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June 26, 2014 12:01 a.m.

By Adam Ruhl
ReAction Figures made a twenty-year-old dream of mine come true last summer when they manufactured and released the long cancelled line of Alien action figures. Here's a picture of my set, they're great!
At last year's San Diego Comiccon they sold early bird packages ala Kenner's Star Wars Early Bird and I got the figures in the fall when they were released(now they can be purchased at the Super 7 Store). Today on Super7's blog they teased three new releases they'll have as exclusives for this year's convention. Check them out:
I'm already wishing for a retro Nostromo playset on the first one and the second seems pretty clear. The third pic has a Miramax logo and given that ReAction just put out some Pulp Fiction action figures; I'm hoping for maybe Vincent Vega's car. Stay Tuned.

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