r Jim Kennedy discussed the 2012 Greensburg Financial Audit with city council members during their meeting of September 3, 2013. There were no major problems noted in the audit manuscript and Kennedy said he was more than happy to be working with such a cooperative staff during his efforts and investigations into the audit procedures. The city council voted unanimously to accept the audit as presented to them. In other matters council members: • Approved Ordinance 1044, amending Chapter XIV, Section 14-206 of the Greensburg City Code which amends Section 33 of the Standard Traffic Ordinance and establishes speed limits within the city limits of the community. This ordinance actually moves and establishes the speed limits from the old school prior to the tornado to the present location of the school facilities. There will now be a 20 MPH zone at Main and Garfield Streets. • Approved purchase of five pagers at $470 each ($2350) for the fire department with the understanding Kiowa County will also be purchasing five additional pagers for the same amount. • Adopted Ordinance 1045, repealing Chapter V, Article 1 of the Greensburg City Code which requires businesses to obtain a business license. This was not a unanimous vote to do away with the requirement but passed none the less. Additionally, businesses will still fall under zoning code regulations. • Discussed the ordinance dealing with unsafe and dangerous buildings in the city of Greensburg with Larry Foulk, Greensburg Code Enforcement Officer. Foulk has identified several unsafe and dangerous buildings in the community and asked the council to address one of them during the meeting. A resolution (No. 2013-10) was passed establishing a hearing on a structure at 611 West Iowa Lane to show cause why such structure should not be condemned and ordered repaired or demolished as an unsafe or dangerous structure. Foulk said the structure is rotten and feral cats and young children are among things coming and going from structures he has identified. There are 14 children under the age of nine in the neighborhood. City council members approved the resolution unanimously. Council members went into an executive session for 15-minutes for attorney-client privilege at the request of Greensburg City Attorney Gordon Stull prior to adjournment.