Answer to a readers post on our lightning photographs online - How in the world do get those pictures?

Reader's Post

All the lightening pics are cool. My favorite one is definitely the dual strikes! How in the world do get those pictures? You almost either have to anticipate the strikes or shoot a bunch of pics and see what you get.


Honestly, It's a little of both.

Best way is called flagging, (which I didn't do on these.) You set the camera lens to be open for a long time then use a dark piece of paper to cover the lens every few seconds so you don't over-expose and hope you get a nice bolt or two while the shutters open.

These were done resting on the truck window and shooting at about 5 secs. Choke down the lens aperture (F-Stop) and if there's no strike you just get a black frame. I shot about 20 frames that night for the 5 or 6 good shots online.

The hardest part is determining where to aim the camera before you take the shot when it's flashing on three sides or more sides of you.

That and not becoming one of those bright spots you see at the base of each strike.

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