The goals of current PRCA All-Around champion Trevor Brazile weren't that lofty when he first started competing in rodeos. His ultimate goal early was to win one All-Around World title.
Brazile continued to have fun and continued to win after getting that first World All-Around title, which changed his career goals. Now his goal is to become the most decorated World champion the sport has ever seen.
No, let's be truthful, his goal is to continue to have fun and spend time with his family, but having 17 career world titles in rodeo is a lot of icing on his cake.
"When it comes to the world titles, I just love being a cowboy and rodeoing," Brazile said.
That one World All-Around title he sought was claimed in 2002 and was the first of 10 for Brazile; and the Texan has also won three World tie-down roping, three World steer roping, and a final World title as a header in team roping during his career. He is also a six-time champion in the Timed Event Championships at Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Okla.
"I never expected anything like this. I wish I could say I did, but I didn't," Brazile said. "I try to be the all-around cowboy and the others are the feathers in the cap. People may not know that I've got more steer roping championships than all-around championships, but my best event varies from year to year."
Brazile has always had his family with him when he competes, but now his focus when it comes to the sport is a little different with his wife, Shada, competing in barrel racing and it's his turn to be the supportive sideline half of the couple.
"We were married before I won my first title in 2001," Brazile said. "The logistics are different because of the barrel racing. It's fun to see how successful she has been considering all the support she has given me during my time at the rodeos."
Another bit of support comes from his team roping partner, Patrick Smith. At a time when most roping partners change every few years, the two have been teammates for seven years and Brazile doesn't see that changing any time soon.
"We're good friends and we both have been in the business around enough to know there are going to be ups and downs," Brazile said. "We have enough respect for each other's talents and work ethics that we can get things worked out if there ever is a problem."
Brazile has the possibility of getting another Roundup Rodeo All-Around title this weekend when he competes today in tie-down roping and team roping. He picked up $1,929 Tuesday after winning the first round of steer roping.
"It's definitely one of my favorite rodeos and there is a lot of tradition at that rodeo," Brazile said. "It's fun to compete there. I would love to get another all-around title."