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Music Video: Steve Grand - All American Boy
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By Garon Cockrell
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July 3, 2013 12:01 a.m.

It might be a little soon to call this song a game changer but it just might be.
Steve Grand has just released his first single and video for his song All-American Boy. And...well...it's damn good.
The song tells a story that everyone has experienced: falling for someone you just can't have. The perspective this time just happens to be from a gay guy falling for his straight friend.
Grand is releasing this song on his own. No label, no manager. He is doing it on his own terms and doing it as himself: a gay male country/pop/rock singer. Something pretty much unheard of in the industry, especially in the country industry.
It's an extremely brave and inspiring decision and the fact that this song is connecting with so many people so quickly is just a testament to his talents.
As brave as it is, what might be just as important, maybe more so, is that the song is actually pretty great and the video is an extremely well produced clip. It's a great first single that is already igniting the internet. People are loving it. I bought it myself and have been praising it since I saw the video. It is just this kind of song that can only open doors for more artists like Steve Grand who have their own stories to tell. He is an inspiration for sure and he has the talent to back it up and make the suits in Nashville (and in LA) take notice.
Spread it around. Support a great new artist who just released a great new song. He just happens to be gay and that is excellent.
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