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GreenTown's Nuisance Weed Roundup!
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In honor of Earth Week, GreenTown hosting a Nuisance Weed Roundup to encourage controlling weeds in an ecological way. Our target this year is dandelions. Here is the brief version of how to participate:

  • Sign up as an individual or team any time between now and April 27th.
  • Get a biodegradable bag from Greensburg City Hall or GreenTown.
  • Pull dandelions by the root using a screwdriver-like tool from April 20-27.
  • Bring your biodegradable bags of weeded dandelions to the Southern Plains Coop on Saturday April 27th at noon for a weigh in.
  • The three people who collect the most dandelions by weight will all win prizes, including two cash prizes ($50 for first place and $25 for second place).
  • If you didn't collect enough dandelions to win, everyone can enter to win door prizes!
  • Stop by the Silo Eco-Home this Saturday April 20th from 9 am - 3 pm to learn more about the Nuisance Weed Roundup! We will be showing Little House on the Prairie, Wall-E, and the Planet Earth series. You can also sign up to get a cedar tree to plant!


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    Origin: Europe. In Roman times, they were used as a medicinal herb. Today, people still use dandelion leaves in salads if they are free of chemicals because they are a good source of Vitamins A, C, and K, folic acid, calcium, and iron.

    Crimes: Dandelions grow easily taking over turf, which causes lawns to look less uniform. When they take over fields used for sports, it can make for uneven footing.

    How to help: Pick up a bag or bags from the City of Greensburg or GreenTown and help the community reduce the number of weeds in town from April 20-27! In order to remove dandelions, one needs to eliminate the seed head and roots (see picture below). Pulling out dandelions and using a tool like a screw driver to unearth the taproot is an effective way to remove a dandelion plant. Tip: It is easiest to pull dandelions when the soil is moist. Inorganic herbicides are not an ecological way to get rid of dandelions. Herbicides can be harmful to humans and animals, and when organic methods for removal are available they are preferable and beneficial to our natural environment, especially to our water. Use of inorganic herbicides also leads to herbicide-resistant plants.

    Reward: Bring your collection to the Southern Plains Coop Saturday April 27 at noon. Those who collect the most dandelions by weight will win prizes (see GreenTown’s Facebook page for details). Community Service hours are also available at 4 hours per bag collected. Participants can compete individually or in teams and can sign up online, by calling (620) 723-2790, or by visiting GreenTown. You can sign up anytime before April 27th. Good luck and thanks for keeping Greensburg green!

    You will need:
  • Biodegradable bags provided by the City of Greensburg (at GreenTown or City Hall)
  • Screw driver-like tool
  • Gloves (optional)
  • A properly pulled dandelion.

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