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Gabriel Iglesias: “Aloha Fluffy: Live From Hawaii” DVD Review
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April 2, 2013 12:01 a.m.

Aloha Fluffy: Live From Hawaii is the new stand-up comedy special
by Gabriel Iglesias, known for hosting Stand-Up
Revolution, the second season of which was released on DVD
in December. Gabriel Iglesiasí material is mostly long tales, rather than short
jokes. He is a comedian who can really tell a good story. By the way, this is a
nice long performance. Most of these comedy specials are approximately an hour
Ė this one is 94 minutes (not including the bonus material).
Gabriel Iglesias begins
by talking about Hawaii. One thing I absolutely love about his comedy is his work
with various voices. He can do a wide variety of voices, including very
convincing female voices. Right at the start he does his impersonation of the
tour guide on the bus to a luau: ďWelcome
aboard the King Kamehameha Luau ExperienceÖ Iím actually from Oregon. But I
have been living here now for three weeks and you only need a few days and
youíre basically a native.Ē The audience clearly enjoys all the local
references, including Germaineís Luau (which Gabriel says is his favorite place
to visit).
He talks about doing a
world tour. The stuff about Singapore is great, and of course it provides a
chance for more voices. His bit about Indian folks trying to rob a bank is
hilarious: ďWhere did you get the
computer?Ē ďThey thought I was tech
He does a long bit about
his fifteen-year-old kid. He mentions that to get your point across to a child
you donít have to yell or hit the kid. He says, ďEmbarrassing a kid is the biggest weapon you can have as a parent
thatís legal.Ē (I wonder what the kid will think about this DVD.)
He talks about being a
comedian, and tells some anecdotes about his own career, including performing
in Saudi Arabia. Thatís a pretty wild story, especially as he had to perform in
a secret place. (One thing I really appreciate about that bit is the not-quite-subtle
rip on FOX News.) And of course this tale provides more opportunities for
different voices. I particularly love his impression of the guy who says that
in the Middle East theyíre not angry, theyíre just hot. ďLook, everybody has a hot face. Hot face. Everybody hot face. I
promise, you give me air conditioning, I am so happy
I also absolutely love his idea of the getting-to-know-a-person
date, which includes getting really drunk, asking questions, and filming it. At
the end he tells the great gift basket story, but this time with a surprise
(which Iím not going to ruin here).
Special Features
This DVD has several
bonus features. The first is Fluffy
Presents Alfred Robles, which is approximately eight minutes of Alfred
Robles doing stand-up. He did basically this entire routine before, on an
episode of Stand-Up Revolution. (Itís
weird that he would do it again, opening for the same person who hosts that
show. Maybe thatís the only eight minutes he has.)
Encore: Magic Mike Story is Gabrielís encore from his performance
in Hawaii. Itís approximately sixteen minutes, and features Gabriel talking about
auditioning for a part in the movie Magic
Mike. He talks about his experiences on set. Leonardís/Malasadas is a bit more of Gabrielís routine from this
performance that was cut from the show (itís approximately two minutes).
Fluffy: Behind The Scenes is kind of a video diary of the trip, and
includes footage at the airport, on the airplane, arriving in Hawaii, and doing
press. Gabriel did a show for the military while he was in Hawaii, and thereís
footage of that as well. Plus, there is footage after the main performance. And
there is quite a lot of footage of the pancake challenge from the next day (itís
pretty gross). This special ends with footage at Germaineís Luau, which is
cool. (Fluffy: Behind The Scenes is approximately
twenty-five minutes.)
Aloha Fluffy is scheduled to be released on DVD and Blu-ray on
April 9, 2013. It will air on Comedy Central on April 7th and April

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