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GreenTown's Green Building Products: Week 10
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By Greentown Staff
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By Sydney Menees
March 22, 2013 12:01 a.m.

We have reached the final installment of our sustainable products series! Though the past ten weeks have been devoted to product donations that make the Silo Eco-Home sustainable (and we have a few more of those to cover), monetary donations were also crucial to its completion. Financial support to GreenTown specifically for the Silo Eco-Home came from Home Lumber Supply Co., Monarch Cement, and AT&T. We are grateful to these companies for helping to support our mission of sustainable building!

An important finishing touch to the Silo Home is that of landscaping materials. We received plant donations from Greensburg residents Randy Rinker and Joan Hayse, and from Tipsy Pix and NKP Media, with a tree donation from Sunflower Resource Conservation and Development. Plants are great sustainable additions to any property since they readily convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. Trees and plants also prevent erosion and provide windbreaks (important in Greensburg!). After Greensburg’s 2007 tornado, many of the trees in the community had been destroyed or were severely mangled. Greensburg is still pretty sparse in terms of trees and each new tree planted is a wonderful addition to the town. Pearl’s Premium donated ultra low maintenance lawn seed to the Silo Eco-Home. In drought conditions like what Kansas has been experiencing in recent years, having a lawn that requires the least amount of water possible is important. The grass seed from Pearl’s Premium achieves this water-saving feat with a 12-foot deep root system. The grass also requires less mowing than more typical grass seeds.

Randy Rinker planting a tree at the Silo Eco-Home in 2011.

Even though the concrete Silo Eco-Home (designed and built by Florida contractor David Moffitt) is fashioned to resist hurricane-force winds, GreenTown also wanted to show other possibilities for safe shelter during severe weather. Dirk DeRose, owner of New Day Tornado Shelters, generously provided our Green Visitors Center with a unique option to demonstrate to our guests. The tornado shelters are retrofitted from propane tanks, which is an innovative way to repurpose. New Day is also committed to sustainable manufacturing practices. The shelters are bolted securely into the ground and they are designed to withstand an EF-5 tornado. Ours is on our backyard patio.

The OneCleanWorld Foundation and Ogden Publications both provided GreenTown and the Silo Eco-Home with sustainable donations in the realm of publications. OneCleanWorld donated over 500 copies of their book, Clean: The Humble Art of Zen-Cleansing, to residents of Greensburg, which we distributed at the GreenTown office. The book by Michael DeJong focuses on using only natural ingredients to fulfill cleaning needs, getting away from chemicals that are harmful to both people and the environment. (Additionally, Michael and partner Richard Haymes traveled to Greensburg from New Jersey to put on two educational sessions/cleaning demonstrations for the community, where they also signed copies of the book.) Ogden Publications donated ad space in Natural Home to the Silo Eco-Home and gave us a nice assortment of sustainable kitchen products. Natural Home and Mother Earth Living magazine feature an abundance of sustainable products and ideas.

Finally, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), a program of the US Department of Energy located in Golden, Colorado, has left an indelible mark on Greensburg and Greensburg GreenTown. A group from NREL headed by Lynn Billman donated incredible amounts of time and resources to help Greensburg build back green. They were instrumental in the development of the Greensburg Wind Farm, which provides power to the community 24/7. They provided expert consultation to Greensburg homeowners, businesspeople, and civic leaders to help them build as sustainably as possible, and provided GreenTown with copious written materials for our visitors. Last year, they released a study of 13 of Greensburg's new buildings detailing how much energy is being saved in the community - it's over $200,000 annually! NREL’s assistance made Greensburg’s rebuilding educational, streamlined, and highly successful.

kids.jpg?__SQUARESPACE_CACHEVERSION=1364062230444" alt="" />An associate from NREL leading a presentation for Greensburg kids.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the past 10 weeks exploration of green building products! I have certainly enjoyed reconnecting with the great companies and organizations that helped us build the Silo Eco-Home. We are deeply grateful for the time, energy, and money devoted towards making a sustainable future more accessible. We have several exciting projects in the works to perpetuate this goal, so keep your eyes peeled!

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