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Weeding Through Your Facebook Newsfeed
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March 11, 2013 5:10 a.m.

I recently saw this status on my Facebook newsfeed and understood the frustration of all the unwanted stuff in their newsfeed.
In response, I wanted to provide some tips on how to get rid of the stuff you donít want in your newsfeed.
1. Stop the unwanted stuff in my newsfeed.
Slide your cursor to the top right of the post. Click on the little down arrow that appears and then select Hide.
Change the what updates your get from setting to Only Important and Status Updates. You can block comments, likes, music, videos, and other activity from appearing in your feed. Unfortunately there is no global setting, so you have to change the setting for each of your friends.
Add Apps to your blocked list using the same process except a little link will appear where the game was on the status feed. Most of the time there will be a block request from this friend or block app. In the example below, there were two status updates in my newsfeed for the game. By clicking on Hide, I get three links with additional options. Click Hide all stories from Bingo Lane to hide the entire game from showing in your newsfeed. This process will also work for blocking apps and games. You may have refresh your web browser to see the hide all stories feature make the changes in your newsfeed.
2. Too many app or event request.
One way to get rid of game and event request is to block the user from sending you the request. The person you block wonít know you blocked them but instead Facebook just wonít show your name as an option to select.
Click on the setting button (it looks like a little gear) in the far right top corner of Facebook. Itís the last button on the right.
Then click on Account Setting and click Blocking on the menu on the left.
You can add the person to the block app or block event invites and apps to the block apps section.
Decide what type of block you would like to use. Start typing the personís name (or app if you are blocking an app) to add them into the section you want to block the person. Then click enter once you finish typing the personís name or app name. If you want to unblock the person or app in the future, click the unblock link next to the personís name in the Blocking setting.
3. Ads in My Newsfeed
Since Facebook is a publicly traded company, they need to make money and they do this through promoted posted, sponsored stories, and ads. I use the Hide link as discussed above but click on the Report Story or Spam link to get rid of the ads. I tend to click the spam option when I report the ad to Facebook. I have noticed a decreased in ads in my newsfeed by reporting the ad as spam. Facebook tends to take more action if you mark the ad as Spam, Sexually Harassing, or Against my Beliefs.

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