So.  Not a lot has been going on around here.  I’ll just give a quick recap of our week, mmkay?
1. Every morning after dropping off G and Little Missy at school Baby Chickadee asks, “Where going now, Mommy?”  For a while it was to the Y (tangent to follow), but last week got busy and this week I’ve had a head cold, so each morning my response has been, “We’re going HOME!” with a fake Yay!!!  But poor baby girl loves the Y and playing with her friends early in the morning and is always a little sad when we turn the corner and into our driveway.  This understanding of hers will only last a little longer.  I know the day is coming when she screams, “No, Mommy, not that way!” as I turn onto our street.  I know because she’s done it before.  
2. Tangent: yes, I’m back at the Y with all the other resolution-ers.  Really, I think a good number of us didn’t make a resolution to get healthy after the New Year, we just got sick of eating sugar-laden food and decided to fit back into the pants we’ve been trying on, realizing they’re a bit too small, and putting into the summer clothes bin in our closets, even though they’re not summer clothes, they’re just too-small-clothes.  But the first morning that Baby Chickadee and I pulled into the Y’s parking lot after school drop-off it was JAM PACKED and I just thought, Really, guys, can we not be so predictable?  It’s only another month, though, til most of them leave and I’ll get a prime parking spot again.
3. Hubby and I went on our Valentine’s date Wednesday.  This year it was a progressive dinner and I think it was my most favorite date.  We’d done this a few  years ago, back for our third anniversary when we lived in a great area of Tulsa where we could walk to each of the restaurants.  Even though we had fun, we’d kind of not thought of doing it again.  Wednesday, though, we had appetizers at one restaurant, main course at another, and then picked up chocolate for dessert at home.  And it took us three hours.  I highly recommend this date because appetizers usually come closely followed by the main course, and then you have two more hours to fill with not a movie cuz they start at the wrong time, and you don’t want to head for coffee already, so what do you do?  This way the night is broken up by driving and talking and before you know it you’ve talked with your spouse for three solid hours.  It’s fun.  You should try it.
4. My kids are very different.  Case in point: Valentine’s Day parties.  My son who sweetly asks me to volunteer in his classroom will not look at me at his party.  I came in, sat down next to him and asked for a pair of scissors.  He fished in his desk for the scissors without taking his eyes off the spot on the wall straight in front of him.  Goofball.  Then later he will say, “I’m so happy you were in my room today!”  Again: goofball.  Little Missy squealed when I got to her room, jumped out of line and into my arms where she awkwardly wrapped her legs around mine.  Then she begged me to sit next to her desk so she could intermittently hold my hand.  
5. My son told a friend of his that he’s been in the newspaper 100 times.  So I guess at least one of my children is okay with the fact that I document their lives for all of you.
You guys have a good weekend.