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GreenTown's Green Building Products: Week 5
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The Silo Eco-Home’s individual furnishing contributions add to the overall sustainability of the home. Without contributions from Daltile, DAP, Tremco, EnviroGlas, Keystone Construction, and Timbron International the Silo Home would not be as eco-friendly as it is.
The ceramic tile in the Silo’s kitchen and bathroom came from Daltile. Every year, their sustainable manufacturing practices prevent 200 million pounds of waste from winding up in landfills. They do this by utilizing the by-products of tile manufacturing created by their companies and others. Additionally, Daltile’s product is already made from 97% post-consumer (recycled) product. They recycle waste that cannot otherwise be reused.
Another useful product made from recycled material in the Silo Eco-Home are our countertops from EnviroGlas. EnviroGlas uses recycled porcelain (primarily from sinks and toilets) to make beautiful, sustainable countertops. They now specialize solely in Terazzo flooring, which not only is made from post-consumer product, but also is extremely low-maintenance. Keystone Construction (Benton, Kansas) generously cut and installed the EnviroGlas for our countertops.
Our kitchen with EnviroGlas countertops and Daltile tiling.DAP provided the low-VOC caulking materials for the Silo Eco-Home. Caulking adds another layer of protection against unwanted energy loss or gain. DAP's parent company, Tremco Commercial Sealants and Waterproofing, has not only generously supported GreenTown over the years, but they have taken a special interest in the entire community's comeback. They have supported the school, the hospital, and the courthouse, and company representatives were regular visitors to town during the recovery phase, offering assistance and friendship. They developed a slideshow about Greensburg, Building a New Tomorrow, that highlights the town's steps in recovery.
Our interior mouldings are made out of recycled polystyrene (Styrofoam) and are made by Timbron International. Styrofoam is a difficult substance to dispose of due to its toxicity, so Timbron gives the used product a new purpose by making it into nontoxic mouldings.
The aesthetic beauty of these products is complemented by how they are helping us reduce our environmental impact. Stay tuned for more green products next week!

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