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GreenTown's Green Building Products: Week 3
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By Greentown Staff
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This week for the sustainable building products series, it’s all about our flooring! Floors are especially important for building sustainability because they are everywhere. What we have learned is that green flooring is not only better for the environment than conventional flooring, but it is also nice looking! The featured products this week are from Skimstone, Warner Bamboo, Permapave, and Trex.
Skimstone donated the covering for our cement floors on the downstairs of the Silo Eco-Home. As I mentioned in my previous entries, cement is a great green building product due to its strength and insulatory capacities. Skimstone is great addition to a concrete floor because it is a covering that allows the concrete to match with any room. It is low-VOC, which contributes to a home's air quality, and it is water resistant. In the first floor of the Silo, our Skimstone covering is made to look like marble. It really warms up the rooms!
Marble Skimstone concrete floor covering on the first floor of the Silo Eco-Home.Another incredibly green building product is bamboo. Bamboo is more sustainable than wood because it is a rapidly renewable resource. At peak growing season, bamboo can grow a whopping 30 inches per day! Hardwood trees are lucky to grow two feet per year. Our beautiful stairs and upstairs floor were donated by Warner Bamboo, which boasts a lifetime structural warranty and a 25 year finish warranty.
Permapave and Trex are two outdoor options for sustainable flooring. Permapave was donated for our driveway and our backyard walkways. The aspect that makes Permapave sustainable is its ability to allow water to pass through it instead of running off into sewers. Permapave comes in pored blocks and the pores allow water to seep through it into the ground. This allows water to be used more effectively in the dry conditions have been experiencing in Kansas. Trex was donated for our second floor deck. It is made from a mixture of reclaimed wood and plastic, which gives these products a second life. The reclaimed wood comes from woodworking projects, sawdust, and used pallets. Another sustainable aspect of Trex is its strength because it is stronger and will last longer than decks comprised of only wood.
Laying Permapave driveway in front of the Silo Eco-Home.Being green is easy with long-lasting, attractive flooring products like these! Until next week.

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