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GreenTown's Green Building Products: Week 1
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By Greentown Staff
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Aug. 5, 2015 5:20 p.m.
By Sydney Menees
Jan. 15, 2013 5:11 p.m.

Since 2010 Greensburg GreenTown has been lucky enough to work out of an operational eco-home: The Silo Eco-Home!

The Silo Eco-Home in 2010 (Greensburg, KS)

The home came into existence thanks to the hard work of GreenTown’s staff as well as the generous donation of land from Ki and Kim Gamble, the concrete building from David Moffitt and his associates at Armour Homes, and product donations from some of the latest and greatest companies in the field of green building. Beginning today, I will talk about some of the green product donations we received and how their sustainable aspects are helping us save energy and conserve resources. This week, our featured green products come from Serious Materials, Diamond Roofing, and Dryvit.
Serious Materials donated the triple-pane windows that contribute to the Silo’s energy conservation. Windows are typically a major source of heat loss or heat gain. The third pane adds another layer of insulation, which allows less energy to enter or escape. The additional insulation also provides the Silo with a great sound barrier from the trains that come through town and the constant high winds. Since Serious Materials’ donation to us, they have been bought by Alpen High Performance Products where they continue to sell high-efficiency products. There are a variety of factors that go into making high efficiency windows, which you can check out here.

Installing the sedum plants on Silo's roof

Diamond Roofing provided the Silo Eco-Home with its beautiful green roof. Our green roof consists of sedum plants and it is sustainable because a green roof adds insulation and conserves rainwater. The roof is another part of a house that tends let a significant amount of energy escape, but each square foot of sedum adds to its R-value (number used to denote insulation ability). A green roof increases a roof’s life expectancy by protecting against UV rays. Sedum is a great plant for green roofs in Greensburg because they can tolerate the windiness and dryness of south-central Kansas quite well.
Dryvit sponsored the stucco exterior of the Silo Eco-Home. The stucco, sprayed directly on the concrete of the Silo, provides another layer of protection for the home.
I would like to remind our readers that you can stay in our Silo Eco-Home because it is also a bed & breakfast. Staying in the B&B allows you to experience all of these products first-hand. Stay tuned for my next post about our green products next Tuesday!

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