The print edition op/ed column Living with dogs is going to the blogs.

Living with dogs is going to the blogs. No I didn't just step in something.

For those of you that were born more than a half century ago, blogs are the internet version of op/ed columns. The heading just looks better, and to make you think you're really getting something for reading it, many claim to be informative even educational.

Living with dogs makes no such claims.

The column started several years ago when I adopted a 130 pounds of Great Pyrenees farm dog and moved him to a small house in town. The breed is know as the gentle giants, but for the first few years Theo's wandering travels and my trials and tribulations of keeping track of him grew a fair local following.

Theo's travels along with another stray named Hudson, for the town he was found wandering by, were the stories that kept print readers wondering from week to week what tales we'd have to tell.

There was very little "informative information" in the column, unless maybe you were trying to figure out what not to do to survive living in a small house with big dogs.

We left the city and moved to the country, but life still had its entertaining and even father reaching moments.

The blog edition will not attempt to tarnish that "useless, except maybe for a laugh" image that was started a couple years, and a couple dogs ago.

Theo is gone now. He was the victim of a vehicle versus dog accident on President's Day a little over a year ago.

He has, however, not been forgotten. His younger running partner Hudson, and another Great Pyrenees named Lightning have more than filled my life and the little word processing tablet in my head with several new stories of living with dogs.

I will try to make a regular effort of posting some of these tales online at under our local blog tab.

With, hopefully, some new online readers finding LWD as time allows I will be posting some of the older stories under a Revisited title so they can get some of the back history. Long time readers can look back to the beginnings if they like, or will know to skip over the reprinted copy.

We won't be informative, probably won't be as updated as some might like, and unless you're living your life with some larger than life big white dogs, we probably won't be very educational.

But we'll always try to be worth the read.

Terry Spradley is the editor of the St. John News, his email is