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This is what a brain looks like
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Dec. 2, 2012 12:01 a.m.

Out yesterday doing some shopping and came across these neat old Denoyer-Geppart anatomical models.
These are the hard plastic (or some are porcelain) take-apart models we all used in science classes.
Do schools still use these? I feel like this is something that's probably been replaced by a computer program. I know that at my college they still used skulls and bones for my anthropology class.
There are obvious reasons why these old models are collectible. First, they are macabre and cool looking.
Who doesn't want to set a head and brain on a shelf. It is quite the conversation piece.
Second, there is some historical value now that they have ben used less often due to technological advancements.
And lastly, since they were primarily used by elementary and junior high school students, there is plenty of nostalgic value.

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