Kiowa County Signal's Mavericks Football Offensive Player of the Year

#8 Trever Powell (72% of total votes)

Powell was expected to improve on his 2011-2012 numbers (985 total yards, 10 touchdowns, 123-yard per game average), in his senior campaign.

Powell led the team in rushing (1,408 total yards on 203 caries), touchdowns (30), punt returns (117 total yards) and kickoff returns , which included 4 kickoff return touchdowns. He averaged 140 yards per game and was second in league for rushing (behind Minneola's Matt McClaren) and second in total points (238). He also led the league with eight interceptions.

"He did just about anything you could ask for as a offensive player," said one voter.

"I had some concerns about durability early in the season," said another voter. "About week two I didn't think the kid would make it, but he proved me wrong."

"You can see that he was going to be a great player. Whatever role we put him in, he took pride in it and excelled." – Head Coach Clint Young

Kiowa County Signal's Mavericks Football Defensive Player of the Year

#51 Rustin Ardery (84% of total votes)

Ardery led the Mavs in total tackles (114 total; 62 solo and 52 asst.) and ranked top in the league. The tall lanky senior, who had a great junior year playing Mavericks basketball and almost didn't play football this season.

"The kid is athletic. And the best thing is that you can always see him from the cheap seats," said one voter. "Offenses seemed to play away from Rustin's side of the ball," said another voter.

"He played beyond his weight with pure heart. He had an outstanding senior year. He got better week to week. He studied and knew where he needed to be to make plays we needed him to make. What a year. It makes me proud when kids play to their potential." – Head Coach Clint Young.

Kiowa County Signal's Mavericks Football All Around Player of the Year

#24 Creighton McDonald (57% of total votes)

McDonald had almost no varsity experience going into his senior year, but contributed in a variety of capacities, most notably as part of the offensive trio with Trever Powell and Keenan Behee. McDonald was second int total yard (1,024 on 112 carries) averaging 9,14 yards per carry with 12 touchdowns. He was third in total tackles (86 total; 58 solo and 28 asst.) behind Powell and Ardery and was second on the team with five tackles.

"He was a crucial runner in the offense that led to the success of his teammates. He ran hard and did what needed to be done.," said one voter.

"This kid has talent. Look at his stats per game and when he did well, the team did well," said another voter.

"Creighton came farther than we ever expected. It looked like he was going to have a good year. He exceeded those expectations. He was solid on both side of the ball. He had a tremendous year. He didn't care who went where or did what, he just wanted to win." – Head Coach Clint Young