Many of our service men and women left their homes, farms and families to fulfill an unwavering dedication to the freedoms and values, which many of us take for granted. Even those who had no choice, felt compelled to honor the instinctual bond between this country and its people, which puts the needs of the many over the needs of the few.

Many of our service men and women left their homes, farms and families to fulfill an unwavering dedication to the freedoms and values, which many of us take for granted. Even those who had no choice, felt compelled to honor the instinctual bond between this country and its people, which puts the needs of the many over the needs of the few. 

I’ve spent the past year and a half meeting our local veterans in various capacities and not necessarily as a reporter, but in my personal life as well. I have found them to be wonderful people with a true perspective on the world and the people that inhabit it. I am blessed to be in a position where I can salute such a group of people for whom the word “honor” may very well have been created. We truly honor you for your strength, sacrifice and selflessness in the face of certain peril, fear and uncertainty.

Here is a list of past and present Kiowa County veterans. By no means is this list all-inclusive as a number of local veterans have been researching and compiling the list for many years and there is an assumption that there are names that have yet to be included. However, it is as complete a list as I could find for publication. If there is a name that should appear on this list, please contact Doris Headrick at 620.548.2560. As the list is so large, it is not in exact alphabetical order and there maybe the occasional misspelling, error or duplicate. I have published this list in the hope that the revelation of the sheer size of the list and the number of names, estimated at 1,700, will put the sacrifice of our own small community into perspective. 

- Patrick Clement, Signal Editor

SourceURL:file://localhost/Volumes/Archive%20Drive/STORIES%20ARCHIVES/2011/11.9.11/Vets%20OCR/VETERANS%20LIST%20NO%202_run%20on.doc @font-face { font-family: "Times New Roman"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0in 0in 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }table.MsoNormalTable { font-size: 10pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; }

ABBOTT Carl G ABBOTT Cleon Gale ADAMS Larry Kay ADOLPH Floyd R AELMORE Martin Andreas III AHRENS James D AHRENS Robert D ALDRICH Horace Milton Jr ALDRICH Horace Milton ALDRICH Lawrence R ALFORD John W ALFREY Everett T ALFREY Norval K ALLEN Garland C ALLEN Robert Eugene ALLENSWORTH Clyde O ALLISON Elvi D ALLISON Floyd ALLISON James A ALLPHIN Carl R ALTON Jack AMERINE Claude W ANDERSON Carl W ANDERSON Earl W ANDERSON Hugh ANDERSON Kenneth A ASHLEY Corban M ASKINS Walter W ATKINSON William AUMILLER David D AVERETT Gerald Lee ACRE James H ADAMS Larry Kay ADAMS Dwayne (Tommy) AELMORE Martin A III AHRENS James Dean ALDRICH Lawrence Richard ALDRICH Horace Milton Jr ALFREY Norval K ALFREY Everett Thermon ALLEN Garland Cleveland ALLEN Robert Eugene ALLEN Harrison ALLISON Elvin (Pete) ALLISON James ALLISON Floyd S AMBROSE Wayne Russell AMERINE Claude AMERINE Francis ANDERSON Hugh ANDERSON Dale ANDERSON Kenneth Alan ASKINS Walter Wilson BELCHER Dean BELCHER Charles Lloyd BENDER Duane BENNETT Harold BERTRAM Donald Duane BERTRAM Carl Albert BEYDLER Glenco Willard BINFORD Cecil R BLACKETT Fred BOAL Ross William BOETTO Joseph Mangus BOOTH John Robert BOWERS Vairies Lune BOWERS Val Reis BOWLBY Lee BOWMAN William David BOYLES Samuel Andy BOZICH Frank BRADEN John Howard BRADEN Geneva Kruse BRADLEY Cecil Uel BRADLEY Whitt Sheldon BRADLEY J Roderick BREEDEN Elmer BREITWEISER Keith Robert BRENSING Elbert P BRENSING Gail Keith BRENSING Warren Henry BRENT Charles Henson (Jr) BROKAR Mernie Gordon BROOKS Floyd Rex BROWN Homer Jean BROWN Sam BROWN James Melvin BROWN Ralph BROWN Jalen W BROWN Avery Francis BROWN John Willard BROWN Lawrence Harlow BROWN Floyd Quentin BROWN Esther Marjone BROWN Raymond W BRYANT Raymond Wesley BUHL Herman K BURKE James D BAER Elvin L BAER Herbert BAKER Owen BALLARD Victor Jean BANTA Donfred Charles BARNES Billy Lee BARNES Warren E BARNES Clarence Arthur BARNES Harold Arthur BARNES Jesse Oliver (Bus) BARNES Earl D BARNES Leonard C BARSTOW Richard Cyrus BARTLETT Warren BAUCOM Leroy BAUER Harley O BEAN William Cooper BEATTY James Ellis BEATTY Gerald Reno BECHTOLD Joseph Calvin BECK Keith Bertram BECKETT J Robert BECKETT Allen Marshall BROWN Lester A BOMAN Bud BURNS David B BURNETT Cecil Wayne BROWN Samuel A BALLARD Victor J BURNETT Karl D BALLARD Gail Cosand BURNETT Darrell Alan BOEHME Matthew R BOTKIN Hazel O BROWN Ruby BARNES Nelson C BARNEY Jacob BARRETT Edward BURNETT Enos BUTTERFIELD Joseph BLAU Fritz V BOTKIN George BRENSING Elbert P BRENSING Gail K BROWN Homer J BROWN Jacob J BROWN John W BROWN Raymond W BURNETT Clifton C BAER James D BAGWELL Kenneth William BAILEY Fred R BAILEY Wrolen E BAKER Owen W BALLARD Fred BALLARD Larry Lee BANTA Charles L BANTA Charlie R BANTA Donfred C BANTA Kenneth Laurel BANTA Ronald R BARBER Crawford Allen BARKER Frank BARNES Austin W BARNES Billy L BARNES C Arthur BARNES Clarence A Jr BARNES Earl D BARNES Harold A BARNES Jesse N BARNES Jesse O BARNES Leonard C BARNES Warren E BARSTOW Richard C BARTLETT Stephen Allen BARTLETT Warren C BASE Charley BATES Norman Lee BATES W H BATMAN Ernest M BAUCOM LeRoy BAUER Harley O BEATTY Gerald R BEATTY Gerald R Jr BECK Harold McClung BECK John D BECK Keith Bertram BECKETT Claude H BECKETT J Robert BECKETT Ralph BELCHER Charles Lloyd BELCHER Luther G BENDER Duane BENDER Edward D BENDER Kenneth Eugene BENNETT Harold Harrison BENNETT Harold Harrison BERTRAM Gary Winn BETTES James Paul Jr BETTES James Paul Jr BEYDLER Glenco W BINFORD Cecil R BINFORD Ernest C BIRNEY Robert Max BLAKE Stanley Bruce BOAL Ross W BOEHME Matthew Robert BOICOURT Orville R BOLLINGER Charles E BOLLINGER Roy A BOND Barclay M BOONE Daniel N BOONE Richard Marshall BOOTH John R BOOTH Robert Jr BOWERS Valreis L BOWLBY Lee BOWMAN William D Jr BOYLE Richard E BOYLES Andy BRADEN Geneva Kruse BRADEN John Howard BRADLEY Cecil U BRADLEY Clarence L BRANHAM Jerry K BREEDEN Elmer L BRENSING Eugene BRENSING Warren H BRENT Charles H BRIGGS Jack Farrell BROADBOOKS Roy R BROOKS Floyd R BROWER John T BROWER Tom BROWN Clyde T BROWN David John BROWN E E BROWN Esther M BROWN Floyd Q BROWN Gail K BROWN Galye I BROWN George BROWN Herald Leslie BROWN James M BROWN Lawrence H BROWN Lowell Dean BROWN Ralph BROWN Ricky James BROWN Steven Sidener BROWN William C BRYANT Austin S BURDGE Roscoe J BURKE James D BURNETT Duane BURNS Jay L BURTON Euel C BURTON Lon W BUSBY Leonard C BUTLER Gary Rex BUTLER Jonathon Chris BYER Theodore Lyle BURNETT Clifton Coy BURNETT Duane Lloyd BURNETT Karl BURNS J Lawrence BURTON Euel Clayton BURTON Lon Winneford BUSBY Leonard Cecil BYER Theodore Lyle CAIN Freddie Malvin CALLOWAY Orlando Paul CAMPBELL William (Bill) CAPLINGER Billy M CAPLINGER Ernest CAPLINGER Robert D CARLILE Harold C CARLILE Clifford Z CARPENTER Lee Everett CARR Pearl John CASPER Jack J CALLAWAY Joel Pendleton CALLAWAY Orlando P CAMPBELL Billie CAMPBELL William IV CAMPBELL William V CANTRELL Earnest Wade CANTRELL James Alva CAPLINGER Bill Melbourne CAPLINGER Hobson W CAPLINGER Robert D CARPENTER Lee E CASE Michaeil J CASPER Jack Joe CHAIN Worden Wesley CHENOWETH L Dean CHENOWETH Floyd Alva CHRISTENSON Clyde CLARK Wallace Glenwood CLARK Harold CLARK David C CLARKSON Glenn CLAYTON Martin COATES Marvin C COBB Donald E COBB James COBERLY Arnold L COCHRAN Johnny L COLE James L COLIN Priscilla COLLETT Edward Preston COLLETT Bernard COLLINS Paul G CONARD John J CONKLIN Carl CONOVER Joe Bernard CONYERS Eugene COOPER Dale COOPER J W COOPER Dirl Dean CATE James Otis CHENOWETH L Dean COOK Silas COOKE George CRONIC William W COUCH Marvin A CLARK David C CHENOWETH Floyd A CLAYTON James M CLAYTON Martin M CLEMENSEN Carl L CLAMPITT Marvin L CUTRIGHT Lymon Z CLARK Doyle R CRISP Alvin L CLAMPITT Clayton V COATES Doreen R CLEMENSEN Victor R CLEMENSEN Larry J CONYERS Albert Eugene CUTRIGHT Michael Z CARLSON Martin C Jr CHAPMAN Charles E COPELAND Leigh COYNE Michael Robert CAMPBELL William CARR John Pearl CAMPBELL William W CLARK Willis R Jr COATES John H COLLETT Bernard William COLLETT Edward Preston COLLETT Loren T COPELAND James F COPELAND John T COPELAND Ralph E CHADD Billie Duane CHADD Keith CHANDLER Ted Jack CHAPMAN Charles CHAPMAN Cjames Emerson Jr CHENOWETH Ira W CLAMPITT Marvin Lee CLARK Bruce E CLARK Jon Alan CLARK Loyd Vernon CLARK Perry A CLARKSON Glenn W CLARKSON Grover CLAY Leland Hoyt CLOUD Ralph M COATES Marvin D Sr COBB William T COCHRAN Johnny L COCHRAN Keith C COCHRAN Keith Claire COLCLAZIER John Everett COLE James L COLEMAN William Wallace COLLIER Wesley CONARD John COOK Theron Ellis COOKE Justin B COOPER Dale COOPER Dirl D COPE Chales W COPELAND Ernest Eugene CORBET Jack L CORNS Robert V CORRIGAN William C COTTON Noah COUCH Stephen Hansen COVERDALE Leroy COX Charles Jr COX Joesph J CRAWFORD Lewie E CREBS Clarence C CREBS Rollin L CROSSMAN Celian Cook CROUSE Lloyd CROWE Billy Gwayne CUBBAGE William O CULLEY Rex L CULLEY Robert W CULLINS William CULLINS Winfred M CULLY James B CUMMINS Steffen L CURRIER Everett Dale CUTRIGHT Alva B COPE Harlan Burleigh COPE Charles Warren COPE Lloyd E COPELAND James Frank COPELAND Earnest Eugene COPELAND John T CORBET Charles CORBET Jack L CORLESS Harold COM Paul Jackson CORN Ralph W CORNS Robert Vaile CORRIGAN Robert Troy CORRIGAN William C COUCH Marvin Alvin COUCH Billy A_ COUNTERMAN Troy COX Fred Raymond CRAWFORD Lewie Elman CRAWFORD Harold Glen CREBS Doyle CREBS William Harper CROMER Keith Edward CROSSMAN Celian C CROUSE Lloyd CULLEY Robert W CULLEY Rex Lawrence CULLINS Winfred Marion DARGEL Roy DAVIS Billy Dean DAVIS Jack DAVIS Donald W DAVIS Justin H DAVIS Joe L DAVISON Chester DAVISON Harry DECKERT Leon DECKERT William L DELAIR Ralph E Jr DETHROW Ralph Hoyt DIRKS Willis Manford DIRKS Allen DITTMEYER Cecil Raymond DIXON Albert Ernest DORLAND Robert W DOWNING Robert L DOWSE Harold L DOYLE Herman Virgil DOYLE Marshall Wayne DOYLE Archie Vernon DRAKE Calvin James DRINNON Paul Wilburn DUNLAP Floyd Ralph DURHAM Harold Eugene DURKEE Dean(Bill)Tayman DAVIS Vernon DAVIS Hiram M DINSMORE William DEAN John W DOUGLASS Donald H DEAN Henley S DEAN Pryor M DAVIS Donald W DURHAM Leland R DURKEE Dean Tayman DUNBAR William L DARBY Stanley Allen DARGEL Jacob W DAUBER Edward Jr DAUBER Keith Bryan DAVIES Richard David DAVIS Billy Dean DAVIS Herbert Lawrence DAVIS James E DAVIS Manuel H DAVIS Ronald E DAVIS Thomas C DAY Leland DECKERT William L DeMERITT Ronald Ray DETHROW Ralph H DICH Leroy DIRKS Charles Gregory DIRKS Allen DIRKS Willis Manford DITTMEYER Cecil R DITTMEYER Glenn Ray DORLAND Robert W DOUGLASS George Thomas DOXTATER Arnold DOYLE Archis Vernon DOYLE Herman V DOYLE Marshall W DURKEE MIchael C ESLICK Cye H ELLIS Robert EOLSON Lawrence Orle "Ole" EASTMAN Emery M EATON Reuben EINSEL Aaron D EMBREE Billie ESLICK Lyle Leon EAKIN Donald Lee EASTMAN Relis Carl EATON Rodney R EDWARDS Kenneth Lawrence EINSEL Alan Dee EINSEL Eugene EINSEL Ralph Donald EINSEL Wilmer Eugene ELLINGBOE Harvey E ELLIOTT Rollin G ELLIS Charles W ELY Merlin Glenn ENGLAND Robert S ENGLERT Edward I ENSLINGER Jacob Joseph ERICKSON Gary Walter ESPINOSA Eulalio ESSLINGER Merle J ESTLACK James L ESTLACK Louis M ESTLACK Ted M EVANS Floyd Henry EVANS Homer O EVANS Roy J EAKIN Donald EATON Rodney Richard EDMONDS Albert C (Ace) EINSEL Ralph Donald EINSEL Eugene EISENHARDT George E ELLEDGE Artie Lewis ELLIS Eldon Lowell ENGLERT Edward L EPLER Charles Canton ESLICK Cye Harvey ESPINOSA Eulalio ESTLACK Ted McClellan EVANS Roy J EVANS Floyd EVANS Homer Orville FALLS Ray O'Neal FANKHOUSER William FANKHOUSER Lester Lloyd FAST Chester Kelly FAULKNER Clifford R FEISTNER Walter G FELLERS Dilver William FELLERS Oliver W FERGUSON Wendell FINCH Marion Edward FISHER Robert William FISHER Joseph Ray FISHER Neil FLEENER Robert Burns FLOOK Norman W FLYNN Sterling FRANKHAUSER Leroy G Jr FREEMAN Lynn Verne FREEMAN Jack Marland FREY Cecil Harvey FRINK Robert H Jr FROMME Pauline FROMME Ralph E FALLS Ray O FANKHAUSER Carl E FANKHAUSER Donald Lee FANKHAUSER Harvey Henry FANKHAUSER Leroy Glenn Jr FANKHOUSER Lester L FANKHOUSER-CONN Terry J FAST Chester K FAULKNER Clifford R FEISTNER Walter G FELLERS Dilver W FERGUSON Wendell E FINCH Marion Edward FISHER Don FISHER Joseph R FISHER Robert William FISK Donald M FISK Walter R FLEENER Paul E FLYNN Sterling FONCANNON Mike FOSS Reuel Theodore FOX Winfield J FRANCIS Jerry FRAZIER Herbert H FREEMAN Chester Alvah FREEMAN Lynn V FREEMAN Ricky FRIESEN Arthur S FRINK Robert H Jr FROMME Mortiz P FROMME Pauline FRY Daniel Radolph FULBRIGHT Keith L FEDDE Gorge H Sr FANKHAUSER David FROMME Tamina FLEENER John Eldon FANKHAUSER Charles Willard FROMME Ralph E FRALICK Irving R FLING Wilburdeen M "Buddy" GRAHAM C Gail GIBSON John C GILLIAM Stephen D GARMAN Lawrence G GARRISON George GLOVER J R GOSSETT T J GRAVES John W GREENLEAF Osborn J GILLETTE Harold Leonard GILLIAM Donald Lehigh GADBERRY Arthur GALLANT Patricia GALYARDT Ervin Leo GALYARDT John GAMBLE Roy B GAMBLE Shelby V GAMBLE Shelby V GARNER Delos V GARRETT John Clifton Jr GARTEN Jack GATES Abraham GATES Carl C GAUSE Orest John GEE Jerry GERBER Marion F GETTING John Dean GIBBS James H GILBERT Oliver GILLETT Robert L GILLIAM Donald Lee GILLILAND Con GLASS Wesley C GLENN Jasper E GODSEY Edsel E GOELLER Cecil L GOODEN William E GOODNIGHT Clifford J GORDON Dick GRAFF John H GRAGG Alvin A GRAHAM Ray Kenneth GRAHAM Warren A GRANT Jack Eugene GRANT Loren W GRANT Thomas W GRANT Wiley S GRAU Theodore H GRAUE John W GRAVES Forest L GRAVES Francis L GRAVES Orie L GRAVES Paul I GREEN Elbert F GREEN Eugene C GREER Charles GRESHAM Arvin Eugene GRESHAM Kenneth GRIMM Darrel L GRIMM William H GUMPENBERGER Allen Wayne GUTHRIE Gordon D GUYER Albert Edwin HAILE Francis L HINSHAW Laverne C HARMON Nevin L HOBAN Christine HOBAN Thomas D HANKS Loretta HUTCHINSON James (Henry Flood) HOOD Bradyu A HENDERSON William R HODGES Harmon W HOPKINS Russell D HAYSE Philip B HICKEY Melvin G HIGGINS Robert W HEADRICK Harold V HATFIELD Leslie I HARP Gerry R HEADRICK Bobby J HALL Melvin J HARGADINE Clayton W HARGADINE Curtis Leroy HARP Dwight L HAM Jacob HARGADINE Rufus Henry HEADRICK Coy HADLEY Bob N HADLEY Niles A HAGUE JIM HALL Robert Daniel HALL W R C HALLER Arlyn Albert HAMILTON John Thomas Jr HAMMER Alden E HAMMOND James S HANLEY John Harold HARALDSON Richard Milford HARALDSON Richard Milford HARGADINE Arthur L HARGARDINE C L HARGARDINE C W HARGARDINE Rex HARMON Ira C HARMON Paul H HARMON Rex A HARMON Winfred R HARPER David Ray HARRELL Michael Douglas HART Henry F HARTNETT W C HAWKINS Fred D HAXTON Donald H HAYNES Raymond E HAYSE Carl Haskell HAYSE Charles H HAYSE Frank L HAYSE Lewie F HAYSE Richard HEADRICK James W HEADRICK James Wallace HEADRICK Joseph C HEADRICK Phillip K HEADRICK Ronald Kermit HEADRICK Stewart V HEADRICK Teddy L HEER Lawrence HELMBRECHT Temple H HELPHINSTINE Max M HELTON William Marvin HEMPHILL John M HEMPHILL Russell P HENRY James F HEWITT Alvin Vaughn HICKMAN Ralph Alva HIGGENS Emory W HIGGINS Richard D Sr HILBRETH Fred J HILDINGER Clay M HOBSON Thomas Edward HODGES Wendell L HOLEMAN Clarence HOPKINS Albert C HOPKINS Barry Wade HOPKINS Claude Jay HOPKINS Orland Keith HOPKINS Patrick Renald HOPKINS Renald J HOSHEIT Edwin F HOUSE Martin Lee HOUSTON Leon E HOWELL Clifford E HOWELL Ronald Zene HUBBARD Henry HUBERT Edward R HUCKRIEDE David Edison HUCKRIEDE Edison O HUCKRIEDE Michael Kent HUCKRIEDE Oscar H HUCKRIEDE Rodney L HUCKRIEDE Ryan e HUCKRIEDE Scott Neil HUCKRIEDE Steven Wayne HUNTER Paul R HURLEY Christopher I HURLEY William R HUTCHINSON Harry E HUTCHISON James G HUTTON James O HADLEY Bob N HALL Melvin John HAMILTON John Thomas Jr HAMMER Alden E HAMMOND Stewart HARGADINE Clayton W HARGADINE Curtis Leroy HARMON Paul H HARMON Nevin L HARMON Winifred HARMON Ira Clyde HARMON Rex Alan HARRELL John Douglas HARTNETT William Clifford HATFIELD Lisle HAWKINS Fred David HAYNES Raymond Eugene HAYSE Carl Haskell HAYSE Charles Herald HEADRICK Joseph Coy HEER Lawrence HELPINGSTINE Max HELTON William M HEMPHILL Russell Preston HEMPHILL John Merle HICKMAN Ralph Alva HILDINGER Clay Merten HILLAN Marion Dwight HINSHAW Lavern Craft HIRTH William Clingman HOBSON Thomas Edward HODGESR Wilfred HODGES Wendell Lewis HOGAN Bill Howard HOLEMAN Clarence Nelson HOPKINS Renald J HOPKINS Orland K HOSHEIT Edwin H Sr HOUSTON Leon HOWELL Clifford HUBBARD Henry HUCKRIEDE Edison Oscar HULSE Ronald A HUNTER Paul HUTCHISON Harry Edmond HUTCHISON James George HUTTON James Oliver IMHOFF Wm Arthur IMMER Harry E IRELAND Wendell Douglas IHOFF Charles B IMHOFF William A IMMER Harry IRELAND Wendall IRELAND Wesley JANTZ Wesley L JUSTUS William H JONES M J JOHNSON Robert A JACKS Oscar D JANTZ Clifford J JANTZ Curtis C JANTZ Edward P JENKINS Jack L JENKINS Norman S JENKINSON Richard George JOHNSON Clarence J JOHNSON Harry W JOHNSON Lloyd Dean JOHNSTON Wm T JONES Charles Robert JONES Merrill Lee JONES Pricilla Colin JORDAN Frank W JOSE Noel JULIAN Lloyd F JULIAN Nolan Lee JUNGEMAN Charles W JUSTICE Percy W JACKS Oscar D JANSON Donald R JANSON Richard Paul JANSON Denver JANSON Irvin Ralph JANTZ Clyde JANTZ Curtis Cecil JANTZ Clifford Johnny JENKINS Jack L JENKINS Cornelius Wesley JENKINS Norman Stanley JOHNSON Harry Wayne JOHNSON Lawrence Lee JOHNSON Lloyde Dean JONES Merrill Lee JONES Priscilla Colin JUDD Geneva Bender KANTON Joe Earnest KARNS Billy Lee KEENER Bonnie Clair KEITH Frank KELLER Everett E KELLER William E KELLER Bennie Harry KELLER Basil KELLEY Neal Dean KELLY Hal KELLY Rufiis Kent KELLY Dale Lee KENDALL DeanW KENNEDY Harold Raymond KERR Howard V KESTER Wilman J KESTERSON Shelby Clarence KESTERSON John Robert KETCHAM Leo Frank KEYS Charles E KILGORE Quentin KIMBERLY Oren Lee KIMBERLYMaurice Maynard KING Cecil Raymond KING Merle KING Carl KING Billie J KIRBY Phillip Joseph KIRK Earl F KOCH Harold Kenneth KOEHN Clinton Dennis KOGER Evan KOGER Willam R KONKEL Clarence Fay KOOP Herman Harvey KYLE Jesse W KALTENBACH Mark KALTENBACH Michel Jon KANTON Joe Earnest KANTON Joe Earnest Jr KARNES Billy L KARNS James R KEENER Bonnie C KEENER W H KEITH Francis Gay KEITH G R KELLER Bennie H KELLER Jim KELLER John P KELLER Louie T jr KELLER Melissa KELLER William E KELLEY Dale Lee KELLEY Neal Dean KELLY Hal Leroy KELLY Rufus Dean KEMP Larry Roger KENDALL Dean W KENDALL Rex KERR Harold V KERR Howard KESSNGER Earl W KESTER William J KESTERSON John Robert KETCHAM Leo F KEYS Charles E KICK Earl F KILE Gene L KILGORE Harold E KILGORE Quentin Dale KILGORE Robert Clarence KIMBERLY Maurice Maynard KIMBERLY Oren L KING Alfred Eugene KING BillieJ KING Carl E KINYON Leon Keith KOCH Harold Kenneth KOEHN Albert Vernon KOEHN Clinton KOEHN Willard KOGER Evan E KONKEL Clarence Fay KRUSE William R KYLE Jesse W KALTENBACH Billy C KESTERSON S Clarence KINCHELOE Cecil C KESINGER Donald A KELLER Elveta E KEENER John E KNOBEL Christopher H KELLER Everett E KANE James R KENDALL Paul W KEENEY J O LAIRD Sylvia LANA Bert LANCASTER Earl LANCE Charles H LAND Vernard Guy LANDERS Paul Monroe LANTZ Walter McKinley LARKIN Leroy Vern LARRICK Everett LAUFFER Charles E LEE Jesse LEININGE James E LENAGAR Kenneth Glenn LEWELLEN Alva Austin LEWELLEN Ross LEWIS Donald J LIGGETT Byron LIGGETT Myron LIGGETT Kenneth L LIGGETT Wilbur Bryce LIGGETT Dale LIGGETT George Hubert LIGGETT Rolland D LIGGETT Glenn H LINDSAY Glen LINDSAY William M LINDSAY Donald Edward LINENBROKER Ralph Martin LITTLE Lloyd LOGAN Lloyd J LOGAN Claude H LONG Ernest LOVETTE Charley C LOW Francis E LOWE Oren Don LUGINBILL Paul LUGINBILL Noah P Jr LUSK Keith LYON Charles Frank LAIRD Sylvia S LAMB Harold D LAMKIN Harriet Diane LAMPKIN Robert D LANCASTER Earl LANCE Charlie LAND Grover O LAND Vernard Guy LARKIN Raymond Eugene LARRICK Charles Ronald LAUFFER Charles E LENAGAR Gregg Randall LENAGAR Kenneth G LENAGER Glen R LEWELLEN Alva LEWELLEN Ross D LEWIS Dee S LEWIS Donald G LEWIS Donald Gerald LEWIS Donald J LEWIS Forrest M LEWIS Franklin D LEWIS Gerald Dee LEWIS Kenneth G LEWIS Lloyd Gary LIGGETT Byron LIGGETT C Hubert LIGGETT George H LIGGETT Glenn H LIGGETT Kenneth L LIGGETT Marvin L LIGGETT Marvin S LIGGETT Myron Thomas LIGGETT Rolland D LIGGETT Ronald Dale LIGGETT Thurman Eugene LIGGETT W Bryce LIGGETT Wilber B LIGHT Herbert O LILES Ira F LINDSAY Glen LINENBROKER David L LINENBROKER Ralph M LITTLE John Delbert LITTLE Loyd W LOCKET Paul Douglas LOGAN Charles Monroe LOGAN Claude Herman LOGAN Henry W LOGAN Lloyd LOGAN Reuben M LONG Ernest L LOVETTE Charley Crawford LOWE Oren D LUGINBILL Noah P Jr LUMKIN Arllie Lester LYON Charles F LANDERS Paul M LAUGHLIN Dale LIGGETT Wayne H LARKIN Alonzo B LEWIS Paul Norman LEARD Samuel F LOGAN James M MOORMAN Carl Henry III MARTIN Bob R MARTINEZ Louis Jr McCLAREN Fredrick Thomas MACHESNEY William B MARTIN Daniel Lynn MARRS John Washington MEISENHEIMER Albert MITCHELL Joseph D MELTON Larry G MYERS Arthur W MEIREIS Delbert A McKINLEY William J MACE Roy W MANIS George P McCLAREN Leto H McELWAIN Alan Clair McFADDEN B Junior MORFORD Delbert J MORRIS Orville R MOYER Arthur H MACE Marion W MCKEY Franklin H MACE William A J MACHESNEY Dale L MACHESNEY William D MACKEY Mack M MARSHALL William Henry MARTIN Bobby J MARTIN Clell A MARTIN Dale F MARTIN Elton C MARTIN H Ray MARTIN John F MASON Jay J MATHEWS Dean E MATTHEWS Jon W MATTHEWS Quentin MATTHEWS Stephen K MATTHEWS William H MATTHIAS Hans McADAMS Roland P McANARNEY Charles A Jr McANARNEY Francis P McCASLIN Glenn M McCASLIN William R McCLAREN George H McCLAREN John T McCLAREN Kenneth R McCLAREN Norman Fay McCORMICK Charles F McCORMICK Frank L McCORMICK George Edward McELROY Virgil Maurice McELWAIN William V McFADDEN Arthur Wendell McFADDEN Wilbur W McGINNISS Ronald David McGUIRE Wm E McKINLEY Myron Ronald McKINLEY Myron W McKINLEY Sibyl Andrea McLAUGHLIN James Arthur McMURRY Charles Dale McMURRY William Gregory MEAD Robert W MEISEL Howard Donald MEISEL John R MENDENHALL Elwood O MERCER Loran Dean MEYER William MILLER A LaVern MILLER Billy R MILLER Blaine J MILLER Clinton E MILLER DeLoss Byron MILLER Derek Scott MILLER Edward William MILLER Gordon L MILLER John E Jr MILLER Kenneth J MILLER Marvin R MILLER Preston Edward MILLER Riley Hess MILLS Marvin L Jr MINER W A MINKS Hilbert D MINKS Norman A MITCHUM Richard Stanley MOCK Claude R MOCK Norman C MONAGHAN LeRoy MONTGOMERY Michael Wayne MONTGOMERY Russell Manford MOORE Arnold MOORE Duane Norval MOORE Noel B MORFORD Floyd S MORFORD Michael James MORRIS Drexyel MORROW Clarence Marvin MOWBRAY Herbert Orville MOYER Daniel Allen MUCKLOW Gary Lynn MUCKLOW Lloyd E MUNTZ Leonard I MUNTZ William D MURPHY Earl R MUSICK Karl Douglas MYERS R F MURRAY Paul MATTHEWS Willard A McDONALD Robert L MOCK Raymond Keith MOCK Norman E MINER Freeman F MARTIN Clell Alvin Jr MACHESNEY Dale Lloyd MACHESNEY William Doyle MACKAY George Daily MACKEY Mack MANIS George Powell MANKE Chas Wayne MARTIN Bobby J MARTIN Clell Alvin Jr MARTIN C Dale MARTIN John Frank MARTIN Dale Francis MARTIN Elton C MARTIN Joe t MARTIN Harrison R MATTHEWS Quentin MATTHEWS Willard Andrew MATTHEWS William Horace MATTINGLY Lawrence Edgar MCADAMS Roland P MCANARNEY Francis P MCANAMEY Charles A Jr MCCLAREN Cecil E MCCLAREN Leto Harper MCCLAREN Norman Fay MCCORMACK Frank MCCORMICK G Edward MCCORMICK Charles F MCDONALD Robert Ceslie MCELROY Virgil Maurice MCELWAIN Alan Clair MCELWAIN William Victor MCFADDEN Wilbur W MCFADDEN Bert J Jr MCFADDEN Arthur Wendell MCKINLEY Myron MCKINLEY Donald MCKINLEY Sibyl A MCKINLEY William J MCKINLEY William Albert MCLAUGHLIN James Arthur MCMAHAN Harold E MCMULLEN Floyd C MCMUNY Charles Dale MCVAY Lyle L MEAD Robert Wendell MEADE Harold Wesley MEIREIS Delbert Ananias MEIREIS Elvin Carol MEISEL Howard Donald MENDENHALL Elwood MIDDLETON Asa Cornell MILLER Clinton Eugene MILLER Edward William MILLER LaVern MILLER DeLoss Byron MILLER Kenneth MILLER Jesse Blaine MILLER Bill MILLER John E Jr MILLET John E Jr MINER William Aaron MINER Freeman MINKS Hubert L MINKS Norman Arthur MITCHUM Richard Stanley MOCK Norman C MOELLER Clayton R MONTGOMERY M Russell MOORE Noel B MOORE Warren B MOORE Arnold k MOORE Duane Norval MORFORD Clinton L MORFORD Floyd Sherman MORRIS Orville Ray MOWBRAY Herbert Orville MOYER Arthur H MUCKLOW Lloyd Edward MUNTZ William Dillard MUNTZ Leonard Irvin NASH Truman Earl NATIONS Starling Mack NEAS John Eugene NEELY Gordon Earl NEIER Irving Gordon NELSON Buss NEUMAN EK NICHOLSON Harry NORRIS Robert Frank NEIER Irving G NEUMANN Victor Kenneth NUNGESSER Horace NOLAND Edward L NASH Truman E NEAS John E NEELLY Charles J NEELY Gordon E NEUHOLD Karolina E NEUMAN Ernest K NEUMANN Walter Hadley NOLAND Alfred (Jock) NORRIS Frank L NORRIS Robert L NORTON V Fern OBENCHAIN Dale L O'CONNOR Melvin E OLINGER Orville A OLINGER Willard Russell OLSEN Mitchell Jerome OLSON Carl A OLSON Kenneth Duane OSBORNE Garland Edward OWSTON George D OLSON Clarence H OCHS Walter OSBORN Kenneth R OSBORN Grady J OLINGER John OTTO Ephraim OSBORN Michael D OSBORN Riley M OBENCHAIN Date Leroy OLINGER Orville Albert OLSON Duane OLSON Clarence Herbert OLSON Lawrence OSBOM Riley Marion OSMUNDSBN Verne N PRICE Richard Wayne PRICE John E PRICE Grover Hammond PUGH Lawrence Ellis PUGH Otis A PUGSLEY Silas William PUYEAR Roy Dale PUYEAR Lowell Duwayne PUYEAR Daniel D PYLE Eban Woodward PYLE Jack PANZER Gilbert Fredrick PARNELL Orville E PARNELL Roy C PARTON Vernon PARTON Earl Wayne PARTON Raymond PARTON Edward Glenn PARTON Glenn Elroy PATEE Allen Leroy PATEE William Eugene PATEE Edward M PAXTON Francis PAXTON Clark PAXTON Glenn Warren PEARSON Vernon Lee PETERS Arnold Kenneth PETERS Gilbert O (Toots) PETERSON Edward Louis PHILPOTT Lawrence V PILKINGTON Donald Gale PITTS Lawrence L PITTS Carrold POLTERA Robert L POOLER Edward E POTTER Sherman E POUNDS Keith Alva POWERS George Harold POWERS-Ralph Dean PRATT Harry Lister PRESTON Glenn PRESTON Thomas Blaine PUYEAR Roy D PHILPOTT Lawrence V PUGH Otis A PARTON Earl W PUGH Otis Max PARNELL Laura L PATTEN Harrison H PARNELL C M PERKINS Bird PARNELL Lymon J PEPPERD Don Luther PITTS Carrold W PAGE David Aaron PANZER Gilbert F PARKER Bennie O PARKS Earl Q PARLIAH Charles E PARNELL Orville E PARNELL Roy C PARR Loren PARTON Glenn E PARTON William L PATEE Allen L PATEE Billy Keith PATEE Edward M PATEE William E PATTERSON Tyler C PAXTON Barbara Joanne PAXTON Clark Harrison PAXTON Glenn W PAXTON H Morris PAXTON Joseph B PAYNE Norma Joyce PECK Harland Ralph PETERS Arnold K PETERS Gilbert O PETERS Richard L PETERS William LeRoy PEW Harold G PEW Paul L PHILLIPS Charles E PHILPOTT Victor R PILKINGTON Donald G PITTMAN Carlton Max PITTMAN Edward Lynn PITTS Lawrence POLJANSEK Samuel P POOLER Ed POTTER Sherman E POWELL Arthur Emmett Jr POWERS Ralph D POWERS Ralph D Jr PRATT Harry Lister PRAWL John D PRESTON Charles E PRICE Grover Hammond PRICE John E PRICE Jovlyn L PRICE Larry D PRICE Mike PRICE Ray A PRICE Richard W PROCTOR Edward Leroy PUGSLEY Silas W PUYEAR Lowell D PUYEAR Walter R PYLE Eben Woodward RADER Bryce I RALSTIN Lawrence RAMBO Richard H RANDEL Ernest Bert RARDEN Owen L RATZLAFF Horst Franz Albert REED Alfred C REED James R Jr REES Paul A RETZLAFF Horst F A REYNOLDS Leroy W RICE Phillip M RICE Warren G RICH Barney J RICH Colonial T RICH Thomas W RICHARDSON Julious A RICKETTS Jack E RICKETTS Joe G RICKS Robert Burl RIGGS Orie H RINKEL Herbert RINKEL Howard Leslie RINKEL Lloyd (nmn) RINKEL Maurice O RINKEL Paul E RINKER John W RISLEY James H RIZOR Lewis Jackson ROBBINS Edward C ROBBINS Edward C ROBERTS Harold Moore ROBERTS Robert A ROBERTSON Charles Edwin ROBERTSON Charles S ROBERTSON Charles Shirley ROBERTSON Sidney L ROSE Carl A ROSE Daniel William ROSE Franklin A ROSE Gilbert A ROSE Leroy Clarence ROSE Robert H ROSE William H ROSE William L ROSS Gerald W RUIGER Roy L RUSCO William RUSH Oren N RUSH Virgil F RUSSELL Mike RUSSELL Raymond Dennis RUSSELL Robert I RUSSELL Robert Michael RUSSOM Joe L RASH Maltie N RUDD Arthur Eugene RADER Lyle B RICHARDS Donald A ROSE Albert P RALSTIN Lawrence H RAMBO Richard H REDWINE Herald REECE Louis C REED Donald REINECKE Harry E REYNOLDS Leroy Wayne RICE Warren Glenn RICE Donald RICE Jack RICE Kenneth Elmer RICE Phillip Marshall RICH Thomas Winston RICHARDSON Julious A RICKETTS Jack Edwin RICKS Robert Burl RINKEL Murice O RINKEL Lloyd RINKEL Howard Leslie RINKER John W ROBBINS Victor Glenn ROBBINS Virgil Leroy ROBERTS Joseph Albert ROGERS Ddnald Clayton ROLLER Delbert Lee ROSE Carl A ROSE William L ROSE Gilbert A RUDD Eugene RUDIGER Roy Lester RUSCO William RUSSELL Robert I SCHLOETZER Charles Donald SCHMIDT Beulah H SCHMIDT Melvin Eugene SCHMIDT Galen SCHMIDT Elbert SCHMIDT Carl D SCHMIDT Arnold C SCHMIDT John Harold SCHMIDT Albert SCHMIDT Elmer Leroy SCHMIDT Chester Frank SCHMIDT Allen E SCHMIDT James Lloyd SCHOOLEY Russell Earl SCHOWENGERT Edwin Dale SCHULZ Millard E SCHULZ Bobby Lee SCHWANN Keith Henry SCHWANN Leonard R Scott Paul SCOVEL Roscoe Earl SEARS Richard SEEVER Clarence E SHELTON Durward Loraine SHERER Harold Francis SHERER Leonard Keith SHERER John Henry SHERMAN Herbert Delorn SHOOK Donald SHUCK Luther Paul SHUTTS Byron D SIX Earl SLANE Elwin Earl SLOAN Harry William SLOAN Jack Haze SLOAN Chalmers Royce SMITH Ralph Edward SMITH Everett Arthur SMITH Bob Earl SMITH Kenneth SMITH Walter Cobb SMITH Bobbie Earl SMITH Robert Lee SMITH Winton D SMITHERMAN Donald W SNYDER Jack Milton SNYDER Rollin SNYDER Barbara SOUTHARD Ambrose L SPICER Beryl Zane SPILLER Leon Clinton SPONAUGLE Robert STEADMAN William M STEADMAN Louis Floyd STEPHENS Robert J STEPHENS Glen Allen STEPHENSON Marvin Earl STEPPE Walter C STEWART Estel K STEWART Cleo STEWART Harold STEWART Dean STIENBARGER Thurmon STOUT Herbert Wilbur STRINGER Jasper Newton STRUBE Marion C SUMOYA Billy Gene SUTTON Billy D SWARTZ Seldon Harley SWARTZ John Henry SWISHER Clinton Miles SKAGGS Robert G SUTTON Robert Joe SAVELY Billy Edward SOUTHARD Ambrose L SOUTHARD Charles E Jr SURRETT Johnie D SLOAN Jack Haze SCHMIDT James L SHERER Harold F SHERER John H SEARS Richard M SAVELY Lloyd I SCHLOETZER Albert F SCHLOETZER Albert P SCHLOETZER Charles D SCHMIDT John H SCHMIDT Albert SCHMIDT Allen E SCHMIDT Arnold SCHMIDT Beulah H SCHMIDT Carl D SCHMIDT Carl L SCHMIDT Chester F SCHMIDT Elmer Leroy SCHMIDT Ely SCHMIDT Harold E SCHMIDT John Harold SCHMIDT Lloyd Ely SCHMIDT Robert Dean SCHOOLEY Frank L SCHOOLEY Russell E SCHOWENGERDT Dale E SCHRADER Clint A SCHRADER Terry D SCHULTZ Fred SCHULZ Bobby L SCHULZ Fred S SCHULZ Robert E SCHWARM Keith H SCHWARM Leonard R SCHWARM Rodney Dean SCHWARN Leonard R SCHWINN James SCOTT Louis R SCOTT Paul SCRONCE Cecil Pearlie SELBY Louis A SELBY Verlin E SEWELL William A SHARP Homer I SHELTON Durward Loraine SHEPARD William Allen SHERER William H SHERMAN Donnie Lyle SHERMAN Herbert D SHOOK Donald J SHOUPE Eldon SHUCK Luther P SIMMONS Earl L SKINNER Gene Maurice SLOAN Chalmers R SMITH Everett SMITH Bobbie Earl SMITH D W SMITH Daniel Edward SMITH Everett A SMITH Julian Whitfield SMITH Ralph E SMITH Robert L SMITH Steven Lloyd SMITH Walter C SMITH William Ray SMITH Winton D SMITHERMAN Donald SNOWBARGER Billy Melvin SNYDER Barbara SNYDER Floyd Franklin SNYDER Jack SPARKS Leonard Keith SPARKS Leonard Keith SPICER Beryl Z SPICER Theodore SPONAUGLE Robert F SPURGIN Jesse R STANFIELD Paul A STEADMAN Louis Floyd STEADMAN William M STEADMAN William M STEPHENS Glen Allen STEPHENS Robert J STEPHENSON Marvin C STEPHENSON Marvin E STEPPE Danny Eugene STEVENS Francis M STEVENS Roy A STEWART Estel K STEWART Harold A STEWART Thomas Edward STIENBARGER Thurman STONEHOUSE Bobby Gene STOUT Hubert Wilbur STUART Randy Ray STURGEON Fredric Warren SUMAYA Billy G SURRETT Johnie D SUTTON Billie Dale SUTTON Peter SWARTZ Chris Arthur SWISHER Clinton M SWISHER Terry Lynn SYPHER Ben c SHERER Leonard K SLOAN Harry W SNYDER Dwight STRINGER Jasper N SUTTON Athol J SUTTON James W SWARTZ John Henry SLOAN Clark Eugene SLOAN Donald Rex SCHMIDT Roger W SHERER Sylvia A SCHOENBERGER Edward D SMITH Isiah C SPARLING Francies W STANLEY Cyrus STEEL Andrew B STOUT Oliver H C SHERMAN Richard Berton TANNER Glenn George TARRANT Charles Dee TARRANT Ansel Beach TAYLOR Kenneth K TAYLOR Leo TAYLOR Charles Claire TAYLOR Claude Lester TAYLOR Milan Alfred TEBU Charles THATCH Gilbert Ray THOMPSON Wayne THOMPSON Paul THOMPSON Franklin Will THOMPSON Orville S THOMPSON James Daniel THOMPSON Leslie Ralph THORNBERG Herbert Lavem THRONESBERRY Bethel TODD Donald Merrill TONER James Arthur TONER Arthur G TODD Arthur J (Jean) TUCKER Harold Eugene TAYLOR Phillip THOMPSON Jesse TIFT J A TANNER Glen F TARRANT Anset B THACH Gilbert Ray THOMPSON Wayne W TUTTLE Winfred Shirley TONER Patrick G TONER Arthur G TARRANT Charles C TARRANT Charles D TARRANT Curtis Eugene TAYLOR Allen K TAYLOR Charles C TAYLOR Claude L TAYLOR Kenneth K TAYLOR Milan Alfred TAYLOR Nay TAYLOR Richard H TEBU Charles THOMAS John Richard THOMAS William H THOMPSON Alecuph B THOMPSON Franklin W THOMPSON James Divid THOMPSON John W THOMPSON Leslie Ralph THOMPSON Orville S THOMPSON Paul THOMPSON Phillip David THOMPSON Robert Lee THOMPSON Wesley Lowell THOMPSON William P THORNBURG Hubert Laverne TOADVINE William O TODD Billie D TONER J Arthur TOURNADE Albert G TOURNADE Merle L TUCKER Billie Duane TUCKER Clarence L TUCKER David L TUCKER Elias A TUCKER Harold E TUCKER J Lynn TUCKER John Henry TUCKER Monroe C TUCKER Robert Ellis TUCKER Robert L TUCKER Ronald L TUCKER Vernon D TUNKS Derwin Lee TOURNADE Merle L TOUMADE Galen Albert TOWLE Wayne TUCKER Monroe C TUCKER Vernon D ^ TUCKER Robert Ellis - TURNBULL Thomas L(Doc) TURTLE Winfred Shirley ULMER Harvey W UNDERWOOD George J UNRUH Arthur Dennis UNRUH Vernie John UNDERWOOD Orley G UNRUH Arthur Dennis UNRUH Elmer M UNRUH Vernie J UNZICKER David VANFLEET Hartley Jackson VANFOSSAN Lowell C VENARD Robert J VICE Chester L VICE Donald Albert VICE John C VICE Melvin VICE Victor Leon VICKERY Grant Sr VOGHT Eugene O VENARD Homer P VENARD Robert VICE John C VICE Chester Leroy VICE Victor Leon VICE Melvin James VIEUX Ernest Merle WALDORF Melvin H WALLACE John N WALTERS Floyd Eldon WALTERS Aljoe Clarence WASHBURN Kenneth Loren WASHBURN Lloyd Lavern WATKINS Robert W WEAVER Eldon R WEAVER Kenneth Benjamin WEBBER Homer Jean WEBBER Robert Clinton WEBBER George D WEBBER Martin Leroy WEBBER Lloyd R WEBBER Ray t WEBSTER Bill WEESE Carl Franklin WELSCH James Monroe WELSCH John William WEST Dale Archer WEST Clair G WHEELER John Peter WHITE Harold Eugene WHITE Bernie B WHITEHEAD William H WHITLOW Dillard E WHITNEY Duward WHITNEY Lester WHITNEY Lee T WILBECK Thomas A WILCH Kyle WILLIAMS Carl Greene WILLIAMS George Ralph WILLIAMS Walter H WILLIAMS Haskell JJ WILLIAMS Ernest Victor WILLIAMS Fletcher Jr WILLIAMS Jack K WILSON William Erol WILSON Charles F WINDLE John W WINING Marvin Karl WOOD Byron Keith WOODS Raymond Melvin WOODS Harry Franklin WOODS Harold Duane WOODS Clifford Lee WOODS Glenn J WORKMAN Noah Lloyd WORKMAN Lloyd WRIGHT Charles Knox WRIGHT John Harrison WRIGHT Ralph A WEBBER Robert C WEAVER Eldon Ralph WILLIAMS Larry A WEAVER Kenneth B WEBBER Dennis C WEBBER Darrel L WOOLERY Glen Oscar WALLACE James T WINTERS Daniel E WILSON Billy Leonard WINDLE Paul R WADE Jack WADEL Irvin WAHBURN Lloyd L WALLACE Glenn Nathan WALLGREN Roger WASHBURN Kenneth Loren WASHBURN Kenneth Loren Jr WATERS Harvey WATKINS Robert W WATSON Arthur W WAUSON Martin Cleveland WEATHERFORD Richard WEAVER Raymond Lee WEBBER Darrel Lynn WEBBER George D WEBBER Martin L WEBBER Mike E WEBBER Ray E WEBBER Robert Clinton WEDEL Larry James WEESE Carl F WEESE Carl Franklin Jr WELSCH James Monroe WELSCH John W WELSCH Noale WEST Clair B WEST Clair Gaily WEST Dale A WEST Dale Eugene WEST Kenneth Alan WHEELER Adolphus J WHEELER John P WHITE Guy WHITE Harold Eugene WHITLOW Artie L WHITNEY Lee T WHITNEY Lester V WIESNER Frank J WILLEMS Ezra Lee WILLIAMS Beecher WILLIAMS Carl Greene WILLIAMS Ernest V WILLIAMS Ezekiel R WILLIAMS Fletcher C WILLIAMS G Ralph WILLIAMS George R WILLIAMS Jack K WILLIAMS Ray C WILLIAMS Sola R WILLIAMS Walter H WILLIAMS William WILMOTH Marvin WILSON Elza J WINDLE Douglas B WINDLE John W WINGFIELD Carl D WINING Marvin K WIRTH Victor Lamont WITT Phillip James WOLGOMONT Lenna WOOD Byron Keith WOODROW Tyler Dee WOODS Douglas Raymond WOODS Glenn J WOODS Harold Duane WOODS Harry F WOODS John Samuel WOODS Raymond M WOODS Ronald Leroy WORKMAN Noah L WRIGHT John H WRIGHT John Harrison WRIGHT Ralph A YOEMAN Byron YOUNG Clifton Alva YOUNG Donald George YOUNG Donald George YOHN George A ZIMMERMAN Orlo O ZIMMERMAN Charles O ZIMMERMAN John G ZIMMERMAN Kenneth ZIMMERMAN Raymond ZIMMERMAN Elwin P "Dutch' ZIMMERMAN James Newton ZIMMERMAN Quentin G ZENTA Henry W ZIMMERMAN James F ZIMMERMAN Rollin K