VOTER'S GUIDE: Kansas 117th House District

Kansas 117th House District

John Ewy (Rep.)

Challenger (no incumbent)Education: BA in Broadcasting from Fort Hays State University; Master Degree in Education from Kansas State University.Background: Broadcasting Professor, Dodge City Community College; Chairman, Hodgeman County Republican Party.THE ISSUES

State Spending: “Spending must be reformed to meet priorities efficiently and effectively, and we need to stop passing the bill to our kids and grandkids.”

Job Creation: “Reducing costly government “red tape” encourages businesses to expand and create jobs. I believe that we should foster a climate of economic opportunity for our businesses and families to prosper.”

Energy: “Farming, ranching, oil and gas are pivotal to our special way of life in Western Kansas, and are a large part of the economic engines of our state. Growing these industries is critical to the future of Kansas.”


Dennis McKinney (Dem.)

Challenger (no incumbent)Education: BA in Political Science from Wichita State University; Master’s Degree in Public Administration, Wichita State University.Background: Farmer, Kiowa County Commissioner, 8-Term Kansas State Representative, Kansas State Treasurer.THE ISSUES

Budget Cuts: “We shouldn’t drive up property taxes as this is the most harmful tax for businesses and senior citizens. Further spending cuts can be made, because substantial cuts have been made over the last 4 years, further reductions have to be made carefully based on good information.”

Energy: “The oil & gas industry is the major job creator for Western Kansas. We must encourage this growth by remembering that the oilfield is the most heavily taxed industry in the state and further tax increases on this industry could dampen the investment we need.”

Tax Credits: “I want to protect the Earned Income Tax Credit that rewards work and encourages families to be in the work force without public assistance.”