The Kiowa County Mavericks lost their last regular season game 32-38 to the St. John Tigers.

The Kiowa County Mavericks lost their final regular season game to the St. John Tigers on a crisp night in Greensburg 32-38.

The final regular season contest between the Tigers and the Mavericks lived up to the high expectations. Both teams had strong offensive performances, but the Mavericks, seemingly their own worse enemy, were hurt by too many false start penalties.

The Mavericks were able to get through almost all of the regular season without an abundance of penalties. But on Thursday, it was the wrong penalties at the wrong time.

On a key defensive play, inside of the Tigers red zone, swing the momentum when #58 Aaron Heft jumped the gun and gave the Tigers a first down on the five-yard penalty. It was just one of the many for the Mavericks.

KC also only scored 1-of-5 extra point conversions, not typical for the season.

Number 8 Trever Powell rushed for 130 yards on 28 attempts, and #22 Keenan Behee rushed for 140 yards on 18 attempts for an average 7.78-yard per carry. Creighton McDonald had a lower than average performance, rushing 48 yards on only 7 carries.

The Mavericks finish their season 6-3 overall and a 2-1 league record, going 4-0 on the road and 2-3 at home.