The Kiowa County Library has received many memorials lately. The library is deeply appreciative of each and every gift.

The Kiowa County Library has received many memorials lately. The library is deeply appreciative of each and every gift. In memory of Ruth Mead, given by Ken and Peggy Banta. In memory of Harold Searles, Jr., father of Kathy Senst, given by KCMH employees. In memory of Kris Nichols, given by Georgina Rodriguez. In memory of the Keller and Sprout families, given by Michael Keller. In memory of Edward Dauber, given by Peggy and Ken Banta, Bethel Keller, Harry and I.D. Reinecke, Emery and Carleen Berry, Julie Dauber, Wes and Jackie Carlton, Virgil and Mildred Rush, John and Lana Janssen, Rich and Pam Reves, Jim and Karen Smith, Spank and Ruth Hanvey, Roger and Susan Staats, Panhandle Eastern employees, John W. and LaVerne Rosenberger, Becky Chandler, Elvin and Joyce Allison, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Chenoweth, Dorothy Tuttle, Layton and Markeita Gleason, Wayne and Karen Dugger, Frank and Marilyn Hayse. In memory of Luella Williams, given by the Schoenbergers: Ed and Judy, the Ryan family: Rachel, Brad, Claire, Tommy, Xavier and Max, the Augustine family: Heather, Shawn, Emily and Cameron. In memory of Geneva Spicer, given by the Schoenberger, Ryan and Augustine families, Bob and Ann Dixson, and Jamie Adolph.

In memory of Floyd “Mike” McMullen, Jr., given for the Haviland Library by Butch Fast, John and Carol Fast, Cletis, Jeana and Denton Clark, Charles Southard, Jr., Charles and Sue Kennedy, Rodney and Beverly Hannan, Mildred Fankhauser, Sunshine Fund/Kimberly Robertson, Terrence and Rhonda Ioerger, Coastal Steel Construction Inc., and Garden Valley Retirement Village. A gift to the Greensburg library, given by Kevin McNally. In memory of Hilda Barstow, given by Bethel Keller. In memory of Carl Wingfield, given by Kenton, Nancy and Brandon Taylor. In memory of Doug Harrell, given by Richard and Kathy Senst and John and Lana Janssen. In memory of Eddie Robertson, given by Bethel Keller. In memory of Lois Adams, by Gene and Jeanie Kile and John and Lana Janssen. In memory of Vivian Hayes, given by Helen Koehn, Jeff and Karin Koehn, Jim and Sheridan Clayton, and Richard and Kathy Senst. In memory of Ora Ellen Doyle, given by Richard and Kathy Senst, Phyllis and Warren Sturgeon and family, Walter and Marjorie Williams, Galyn and Janet DeVore, and Gene and Jeanie Kile.

In memory of Forrest Lee Einsel Lewis, given by John and Lana Janssen. In memory of John Fleener, given by John and Lana Janssen, Dewey and Minnie Koehn, Marie Conyers and Barbara Fetter, Rod and Kathy Stewart, Bill and Donna Crites, Evelyn Ringwald, Roger and Leslie Stotts, Robert and Sue Scott, Anita Long, Gary and Jane Hibbs, The Peoples Bank/Greg Waters, Vernon and Joyce Moore, Rick and Vona Kraft, Gary and Rose Miller, Ron and Dorothy Sanders, Maxine Nash, John and Luetta Haynes, Robert and Natalia Swaim, Richard and Marjorie Stephenson, Paul and Carol Sherer, Mr. and Mrs. Marlyn Nickelson, Mr. and Mrs. Hammarlund, Cheryl Richard, Ron and Wendy Banta, Daniel and Deborah Larson, Verle and Marylyn Joy, Betty Montgomery, Lester and Janet Derley, Harold and Mary Alice McKinney, Donna Hobbs, Dorothy Tuttle, Clara Lance, Patrick and Teresa Arthur, Spank and Ruth Hanvey, Warren and Phyllis Sturgeon, John and Connie Kieft, John and Cindy Carson, Michael and Carol Montgomery, Max and Joleen Seacat, Jerry and Starla McClain, Paul and Shirley Unruh, Elizabeth Pew, Bethel Keller, Roger and Priscilla Greene, and Randy Rinker.

In memory of Leila Dawson and Stephen Dawson, given by their cousin Janet Dawson.

In memory of Betty Todd, given by Art and Helen Todd and family.