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  • PHOTOS: The Greensburg Class of 1982 Revisited!

  • The Greensburg Class of 1982 Revisited!

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    Average Cost of new house $82,200
    Median Price Of an Existing Home $67,800
    Average Income per year $21,050.00
    Cost of a gallon of Gas $0.91
    New Car Average price $7,983.00
    US Postage Stamp 20 cents
    • The largest cash robbery in history happens in New York when $9,800,000 is stolen from an armored truck in New York City.
    • First issue of USA Today is published.
    • Disney’s EPCOT Center opens.
    • First successful transplant of a permanent human heart.
    • The first CD player is sold in Japan.
    • The Weather Channel is launched
    • Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” is The Computer.
    • Computer Scientist and Carnegie Mellon University faculty member Scott Fahlman suggests using an “emoticon” or “smiley” to express emotion in an email. J
    • Michael Jackson releases “Thriller”
    • Graceland opens to the public
    • E.T. is released
    • Poltergeist is released
    • Porky’s is released
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