The Greensburg Class of 1982 Revisited!

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Average Cost of new house $82,200

Median Price Of an Existing Home $67,800

Average Income per year $21,050.00

Cost of a gallon of Gas $0.91

New Car Average price $7,983.00

US Postage Stamp 20 cents


The largest cash robbery in history happens in New York when $9,800,000 is stolen from an armored truck in New York City. First issue of USA Today is published. Disney’s EPCOT Center opens. First successful transplant of a permanent human heart. The first CD player is sold in Japan. The Weather Channel is launched Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year” is The Computer. Computer Scientist and Carnegie Mellon University faculty member Scott Fahlman suggests using an “emoticon” or “smiley” to express emotion in an email. J Michael Jackson releases “Thriller” Graceland opens to the public E.T. is released Poltergeist is released Porky’s is released