Liggett led in every major defensive categor.

Liggett led in every major defensive category including most offensive rebounds (47), most defensive rebounds (64), total rebounds (111), rebounds per game (5.8), total deflections (24) and a whopping .734:1 offensive rebound ratio. She was third in total steals (27) and fourth in steals per game (1.4).

Liggett, a 5’9” junior was also one the more consistent offensive players of the season with third most points per game (6.5), second in total season points (123) and had above team average shooting percentages in field goals (.346), 2-pt field goals (.348) and a slightly below team average free throw percentage (.464).

“You want to put Angela in the paint and see what happens,” said one of the voters.

“Liggett had, by far, the most dominant defensive presence of the team,” said another voter.

“Liggett was a force to be reckoned with in the paint, easily leading the team in blocked shots.  She was also the team's best rebounder on both the offensive and defensive sides of the glass,” said another voter.

“She had a lot of bright moments and probably played her best basketball in the final game of the year,” said Head Coach Randy Vandenhoek. “She was one of our strongest players. She played some good basketball.”