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  • FAITH AND VALUES: 'Where are you being called to serve?'

  • Jesus said in Matthew 20:28 “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”

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  • Jesus said in Matthew 20:28 “just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve…”
    If we call ourselves Christian and listen to God we are each called to serve. Serving can come in many different forms and avenues. I received a call at 5:30pm the 17thof December, 2011 that the Cory West house was on fire. On leaving my house I could see the smoke and knew it wasn’t good. I arrived at the house and had that sinking feeling in my stomach I use to have when I served on a volunteer fire department. I would arrive on a scene and feel like all we had was a garden hose to face a forest fire. At the West house I saw many firemen serving and doing the best they could to keep the disaster from being bigger than it already was. I observed sheriff officers on scene serving any way they could. There were also EMS personnel on the scene ready to serve if anyone needed medical attention I saw others serving by hauling water to the scene and I observed many friends serving by just being there and giving the family hugs. That night my wife and I, along with others, served by gathering things the family needed for the night and next day. Some served by handing us money to help with the expense. The days following the fire others have served by donating things for a house, offering a place to live and anything that else that came to mind for the West family. I thank God for all those who serve in these and many other ways. Whether they know it or not all of these people were doing ministry.
    These thoughts of serving started me thinking about my life of service. Before I was in ministry I ran my own station and repair business offering service. I served on many committees and the local fire department. After entering full time ministry I continued to serve in whatever capacity Jesus ask me to serve. This isn’t about me but about the one whom I serve, my Lord and Savior Jesus. You see Jesus served and he told us to go and do likewise.
    I am asking you today, “Where are you being called to serve?” Are you being called to serve in your community in some way? Are you being called to serve by visiting a neighbor or calling an old friend? Are you being called to volunteer at the Care N Share? Are you being called to serve in your church? The places to serve are endless. In our small communities it takes all people serving to help someone through the tough times in life as well as in the good times. Won’t you go and serve as Jesus has called us to do in our life.
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