Dear friends of the Twilight,

The Twilight Theatre Annual Meeting was an interesting affair.

The loyal opposition was well organized and had a clear vision for the Theatre's future.

The "old girl" as Doyle lovingly called the old building is now a thing of the past.

It is time to take a page from the Care & Share store.

The Care & Share is a true loaves and fishes story.

The Ministerial Alliance only had 15% of the money to rebuild the new building.

Christian friends made personal sacrifices and the new store became reality ... debt free.

The Twilight is a secular project.

The old board and management made every effort to reflect the values of the community.

PO and PO-13 movies were the order.

The community supported the "the old girl" in her various hours of crisis and need.

The community wants the Theatre rebuilt.

The school needs the Theatre rebuilt.

The new board needs to display a great deal of integrity as the project continues.

The new board needs to be open and forth coming about the business of the Theatre.

The community needs to hold the new board accountable for their progress.

The community needs to support the Theatre project and encourage the board.

The board has a major task to accomplish.

The community should put aside petty differences and focus on the future of Kiowa County.

We have a solid green initiative to attract eco-tourism.

We are a caring, Christian community.

We need to hold to our Faith.

We need to lift each other up and grow in love and grace.

John Janssen