You took my answers to your questions so out of context in your ‘Un reMARKable Reflections’ that I hardly know where to begin.  Nepotism? First, it never entered my mind that the seniors would eat subsidized meals at my daughter’s coffee shop.  Second, it is a coffee shop that serves sandwiches and does not serve full meals.  Third, it would not meet requirements for the senior meal program.  

The facts on senior meals in facilities other than Senior Centers are as follows:  According to Jan Splitter of ElderCare Inc., the non-profit that administers the program, Friendship Meals subsidizes the cost of the meal for those who wish to take advantage of the $3.00 suggested donation under the program.  The seniors in Protection meet at the local restaurant, Don’s Place for the noon meal and have been doing so for a number of years.

Don’s Place gets the $3.00 donation for the meal plus the subsidy of $2.00 for the full senior meal price of $5.00.  This arrangement has been very successful in Protection and several other towns in western Kansas. Other southwest Kansas communities serve meals catered to their senior centers by local restaurants.
Now, as to the operation of the soda fountain in the County Museum.  Prior to moving to Greensburg and locating in the Incubator Building, my daughter and her husband were assured by a city official and the director of the Kiowa County Chamber of Commerce that the soda fountain would operate on ‘special occasions and perhaps after ballgames.’ Now, apparently, that has changed and the fountain will also operate weekdays.  I  count three ‘soda fountains’ (two of them are not full service) currently operating in Greensburg, and I do not wish for the county to be in competition with any of them.  

I stand by my statement that county government (and I would add city government) should not operate or subsidize a business in competition with private businesses.

John W.  Unruh