DODGE CITY – As the 2nd quarter financial reports became public on Thursday night, Tim Huelskamp continues to dominate the cash on hand totals among all the candidates in the Big First.

With only 18 days left in the race, Huelskamp posted a cash on hand total of $391,796. This dominating total leaves Huelskamp in the driver’s seat for the remaining few days of the campaign, with a cash on hand lead of over 80% more than Barnett and a cash on hand lead of twice as much more than Wasinger and Mann.

“This cash on hand total puts Tim Huelskamp in a commanding position to win this race over the last 18 days,” said Huelskamp spokesman David Ray. “Cash to spend on voter contact is the number that matters in these final days, and Huelskamp is running away with it.”

Tim Huelskamp is the only proven conservative in the race for the Big First. Huelskamp has earned the endorsements of leading conservative groups and organizations such as Gov. Mike Huckabee, Gov. Rick Perry, Gun Owners of America, Club for Growth, Kansans for Life, Congressman Ron Paul, Concerned Women for America, and Tony Perkins.

The cash on hand totals for the top four candidates are listed below:

Huelskamp: $391,798

Barnett: $214,690

Wasinger: $190,864

Mann: $183,259