What are the pros and cons of the various choices in this week's poll concerning a new mascot for the county high school likely to be in place next summer?  How can I go beyond voting in this week's poll to actually naming my choice for mascot?


   It’s a fairly safe assumption that should the cooperative agreement between USD 422 and 474 be finalized, bringing Haviland high school students to Greensburg’s new school next fall, the mascot will not remain Rangers.  Nor is the mythical Dragon likely to survive.

   The just completed online poll shows that of 129 voters 53, or 41 percent think the burnt orange now used by the combined jr high sports teams should be the new color scheme of the combined high school teams. (Another 18 percent voted for Greensburg blue with gold trim; 17 percent wanted a combo of red and gold; 15 percent wanted Haviland blue trimmed in red; while nine percent wanted a new main color, such as green, purple or black)

   The poll below allows you to choose one of five categories from which you think the new mascot should be chosen.  The most common, of course, is the animal route.  We already have Wildcats, Longhorns, Timber Wolves, and Buffaloes in the league.  And while Kangaroos would give a nice sense of alliteration to the tag (as in Kiowa County Kangaroos), that creature might best be left to UMKC

   Others have commented in past months that Cyclones would seem appropriate in view of the meteorological disaster that helped bring this union about.  A twister, however, is more directly linked to Greensburg’s recent past and might not serve broadly enough as a county trademark. Several other weather related phenomenon have been taken up by pro teams as of late, such as Thunder, or Lightning.  These, however, could be perceived as a weak echo of the tornadic event.

   From human emotion to the paranormal, other ethereal entities have been adopted by teams such as the Fury, Magic or Force.  Those, however, could remind someone of a bygone Plymouth product, Orlando’s Disney-related NBA team and the branch of the military centered in Colorado Springs.

   That brings us to the fifth alternative, finding a name with linkage to Kiowa County itself.  With the Big Well the primary tourist attraction in the county, perhaps Well Diggers? Well, it’s no worse than the Moundbuilders of Southwestern College down in Wellintgon.  How about the Meteorites, in view of the Brenham meteorite field?  Perhaps too cosmic.

   There’s always the name of the county itself, Kiowa, one of 11 counties named after a Native American tribe (others are Cherokee, Cheyenne, Comanche, Ottawa, Pawnee, Pottawatomie, Shawnee, Wabaunsee, Wichita, and Wyandotte) A quick review of Native American lore indicates the Kiowa were considered the most bloodthirsty and warring of the plains Indian tribes.  That fact alone suggests a couple of obvious choices, such as Warriors or Braves, though Warriors is perhaps less sexist (Braves, however, is better than the Palco Roosters).

   In any event, after voting in this week’s poll, click on the view results tab at the bottom of the poll box to find an up-to-date count where you can scroll down to where you will be able to leave a comment.  Use the comment box to register your personal preference for mascot—only one—regardless of which of the five categories you chose.  The top five preferences will then be placed in a follow up poll next week.